Principal Caught on Video, Mom Wants Answers


Deputies got called to Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida and now the principal is under investigation for assault. The six-year-old child can’t be named because she’s a minor. Her mom can’t be named because she’s illegal but she’s furious. She used her phone to tape the “savage beating” her daughter endured.

Paddled by the Principal

Liberals won’t tolerate the idea of corporal punishment but conservatives are all for it. They advise parents not to spare the rod. After all, if parents don’t discipline their kids, who will? In this case, Principal Melissa Carter and school clerk Cecilia Self took justice into their own hands.

A six-year-old learned a lesson that she’ll never forget about defacing school property by gouging a scratch into a $50.00 computer monitor, possibly on purpose in a temper tantrum. The administrator learned a painful lesson too. Florida may allow paddling but her district does not.

On April 13, deputies arrived at the scene after Juanita Doe dialed 911. “No hablo Ingles,” she said to an interpreter. The school said something about “paddling” but she didn’t know what that meant until her daughter was screaming.

She was supposed to be there to pay for the mutilated monitor. When she got hauled to see the principal, she thought she was in trouble too, with “La Migra.”

Principal Melissa Carter and school clerk Cecilia Self gave the student a three-whack whoopin and they weren’t love pats. The mother watched helplessly in horror but kept filming.

Ms. Self lined the pupil up in position while Ms. Carter wailed away like she was batting for a double. You can bet that her kids don’t act up and show manners in school.

It was hatred

Mamacita was “too afraid to stop the beating because she is an undocumented immigrant” but the racial hate of the Principal was obvious she insists. “The hatred with which she hit my daughter,” she wails, “I mean, it was a hatred that really… I’ve never hit my daughter like she hit her. I had never hit her.”

Which is why she thought she could get away with damaging school property. She’ll grow up to loot a Starbucks that way. “I sacrificed my daughter, so all the parents can realize what’s happening in this school,” she told reporters in Spanish.

She quickly lawyered up and went to the doctor for documentation of the bruises and red marks. The liberal attorney, Brent Probinsky, works heavily with illegals because he gets paid by the Open Societies Foundations, through front companies.

He’s going for aggravated battery charges against Carter. They might stick too. “The child’s terrified. She feels vulnerable. There’s nothing she can do in the hands of these adults who overpower her and treat her so brutally, savagely and, really, sadistically. If you look at that video, this principal was sadistic,” he whines.

The Hendry County School District isn’t saying much other than pointing out that their “policy does not allow corporal punishment and, in fact, encourages procedures that do not ‘demean students’ or violate their constitutional rights.

The State Attorney General is looking into whether criminal charges will be brought against the principal and her assistant.

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