Palestinian-Hamas Dirt Bags Decide to Piss on Peace


Three weeks, that’s about how long the cease-fire in Israel between the Israeli Defense Forces and Palestinian Liberation Organization-Hamas terrorists lasted before the terrorist group resumed their attacks on the world’s only Jewish State. This latest string of attacks came on June 15th just one day after Israelis took part in the Jerusalem Day flag march, the violence began with incendiary balloons from the Gaza strip exploding in Israeli neighborhoods, the IDF responded with targeted airstrikes. The Sunday previously, the PLO issued a statement warning Israel that there would be an “explosion” if the flag march took place.

The March, initially scheduled for the previous Thursday was canceled after Hamas threats by the new Israeli government headed by Naftali Bennett after the ouster of Benjamin Netanyahu. In defiance of Bennett’s new regime, Israeli conservatives moved forward with the march Tuesday, as expected: the PLO-Hamas broke the ceasefire the following day. Bennett “joined with Islamist and leftist opponents to form a coalition to oust Netanyahu.”

Naftali Bennett was sworn in on June 13th, less than forty-eight hours later, Palestinian-Hamas attacks against Israel resumed. The new Prime minister owes his rule to a margin of one vote in the Israeli Parliament the Knesset and is propped up by an extremely shaky coalition of left-wing and pro-Palestinian leaders. After the vote according to NPR,

“Prime Minister Netanyahu approached his opponent and the two shook hands. Not long after that, he took to Twitter, instructing his supporters to hold their heads high and keep the faith; vowing to return.

“I ask you: do not let your spirit fall,” he said. “We’ll be back – and faster than you think.”

At the rate the situation in Jerusalem is deteriorating, Netanyahu’s return seems likely as the Israeli people will cry out for the steadier hand of the much more trusted conservative leader.

Palestinian Supporters Blame Israel For Breaking Ceasefire, Ignoring Published Hamas Threats and Firebomb Balloon Attacks

Thousands of Palestine activists took to social media, falsely accusing Israel of breaking the ceasefire, completely ignoring the well-reported and published threat issued by Hamas and the thirteen Balloon delivered firebombs that have set fire to fields and civilian areas in Southern Israel. With the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack with videos of the targeted bombings in the Gaza strip.

Throughout the week following IDF reprisals and targeted strikes have continued, and sirens have continued to sound in Israeli cities due to incoming RPG and small-arms fire as Hamas elements continue to harass the IDF. This leaves many questioning how the much weaker Bennett government will respond to the latest Palestinian-Hamas aggression.

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