Over a Dozen Democrat Domestic Terrorists ARRESTED During INSURRECTION


More than a dozen domestic terrorists of the Democrat persuasion were arrested after the most recent act of Black Lives Matter insurrection. Everyone remembers how the Trump administration was labeled “racist” for daring to put up “non-scalable” security fencing at the Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Now, it’s back. The Imperial Palace ordered it reinstalled on Sunday.

Democrats set the insurrection standard

the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that rioters vandalized the Mark O’Hatfield courthouse building over the weekend. Liberals simply ignore all of last year’s violent protests, preferring to believe what they are fed by the progressive media, which is that only deplorable Trump Supporters can have an insurrection.

After George Floyd was allegedly killed by police last May in Minneapolis, Minnesota, “there were demonstrations for more than 100 straight days.”

When the Trump administration tried to send help, to stop the riots, it was refused. The fencing went up to protect federal employees but the left-wing Democrat controlled media kept insisting it was a racist move meant to chill free speech.

The burning and looting, they claimed, had nothing to do with it. What amounts to armed and organized insurrection became a nightly occurrence.

At the time, police called the fence ” a symbol of divide” between the department and the Black community. They were pressured into removing it “to show our willingness to have dialog and peaceful communication toward starting to heal our community.”

The police didn’t seem to mind their police cars and precinct houses burned to the ground by a rabble army of anarchists who had responsible citizens cowering in terror all summer long. Instead, they were afraid to confront the insurrection or even acknowledge one was happening.

The Trump Administration tried to protect Federal property.

If you can’t beat ’em

Portland law enforcement took a good hard look at the situation around them and decided to surrender. Since they couldn’t beat the Antifa-aligned Black Lives Matter ground forces in open combat, they decided to stand on the sidelines. While the city went up in flames, local law enforcement toasted marshmallows. The last thing they wanted to do was admit it was really an insurrection, after all.

“We are open and listening to discussions of how the community envisions its police serve them in the future. Our hope is that the nightly violence and destruction around the justice center will stop and the focus can be directed toward peaceful conversation.”

Just like His Wisdom Joe Biden wants to do now, the Trump Administration put up security and tried to make a defensive stand to protect Federal property. Since Biden seized power, the liberal media forced local and federal officials to hold “conversations over several months to determine the best time to take the fence down.” They decided to do it Friday.

They issued a statement saying the decision was made “in collaboration with local leaders from Portland as part of a broader effort to help the city return to normalcy.” They must consider insurrection to be “normal.”

One single day after the fence came down, “rioters marched down the streets of Portland, setting fires and smashing windows. The insurrection has returned.

The thing that got liberals so inflamed they had to burn the city down again is a plan to “replace and expand an oil pipeline that runs between Superior, Wisconsin, and the Canadian province of Alberta.” Hardly a pressing local issue. Even so, Imperial Storm Troopers “deployed impact munitions, tear gas, flash-bang grenades and smoke bombs after protesters threw objects at the courthouse, lit a fire with plywood pulled off the building, and broke glass near the entrance.”

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