Over 500 Firefighters File Court Papers Challenging Jab Mandate

Over 500 Firefighters File Court Papers Challenging Jab Mandate

Court papers have been filed on behalf of over five hundred firefighters who are challenging the blatantly unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

The lawsuit, which is not yet official, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of 529 firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department, who are all members of the nonprofit Firefighters4Freedom Foundation.

The suit is asking the judge to institute a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that would prohibit the city from forcing firefighters to receive a COVID vaccine as a condition of continued employment.

“As will be shown at the time of trial and during preliminary hearings, the city does not have the constitutional authority to force anyone to take an experimental vaccine against his or her will without considering, and granting where possible, reasonable accommodations for those who (choose) not to take the vaccine,” the plaintiffs’ court papers state.

The court papers also note that, as of September 11th, COVID data in the area shows a steep decrease in the number of cases and hospitalizations.

“There is no basis for the city’s rushed and ill-conceived mandate,” the firefighters’ court papers state.

The lawsuit also states that firefighters are acting in a reasonable manner in their objection to the vaccine mandate, as there are no studies about the long-term effects of the jab.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas has come out to disagree with the over five hundred firefighters currently challenging the city’s mandate, saying that he was “shocked” by their objections.

“It’s pretty embarrassing that people would go to these lengths not to do what is fundamentally in the best interests of themselves, their families and the communities and the workforce of which they are a part,” Ridley-Thomas was quoted as saying.

Alongside the firefighters, at least six officers with the Los Angeles Police Department have also sued the city over the vaccine mandate.

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