Out of Control Wacko Anti Trumper Attacks Group of Innocent Children

Out of Control Wacko Anti Trumper Attacks Group Innocent Children

Unfortunately, New York City is becoming known for its attacks on Jewish people. From lockdown measures being unfairly applied to Jewish people by Mayor Bill de Blasio, to Governor Andrew Cuomo threatening Orthodox Jews with closing their synagogues if they didn’t follow his authoritarian COVID restrictions, and now attacks on Jewish Trump supporters.

A “Jews for Trump” caravan rally was driving through the streets of New York City, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, adorned with flags and other Trump gear to show their support for the president.

According to Fox News, a family of seven, parents and four children, was pepper-sprayed as they drove in the rally with their windows rolled down.

The violent leftist pulled up and released a stream of pepper spray into the family’s vehicle, with their four children inside.

“Immediately the kids started crying and screaming and I jumped out of the car after I was [pepper] sprayed as well,” one of the victims in the car said.

Even after jumping out of the car, the man was chased down by the assailant until a family member got the police’s attention, who caught the suspect.

Fox News reported that during the rally, the New York Police Department arrested 11 people, including six who were charged with crimes such as harassment, obstruction of government administration and disorderly conduct. An additional suspect was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

“Woman arrested for spraying pepper spray at the #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy on 5 Avenue in Manhattan,” NYC Scanner tweeted alongside video of the arrest.

Besides the pepper spray incident, the leftist mob carried out attacks on the caravan of Trump supporters in a variety of different ways, including throwing rocks, eggs, and other projectiles.

The anti-Trump mob also chanted “New York hates you” at a group of NYPD officers who were attempting to keep the peace during the rally.

The anti-Trump rioters stole flags, threw red paint, and even punched Trump supporters.

Neither de Blasio nor Cuomo have even attempted to stop these attacks on Trump supporters, and have only increased anti-Semitic sentiments in New York City with their biased application of the law.

The Jewish community seems very strong in its support for President Trump, who moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and has brokered peace in the Middle East through peace deals between Israel and three historically hostile Arab nations.

Meanwhile, CBS News reported that anti-Semitic incidents reached a 40-year high in March, with many occurring in New Jersey and New York.

As stated by The Patriot Project, this means that “while the left was preoccupied with delusions about Trump’s supposed white supremacy and xenophobia, actual violence was being committed against people because of their Jewish faith. Being a people who have suffered persecution for millennia, the Jewish community seems to understand what’s at stake for them when they’re targeted by Democratic politicians or attacked by leftist demonstrators.”

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