Officials Want Us to Be Terrified About This…

With winter now officially making its presence known, health officials are starting to hit the panic button again.

There is a new COVID strain that is starting to run rampant in the United States.

According to one health official, it is “running like wildfire.”

Much Ado About…

There are actually two new strains that are prominent right now.

They are XBB and XBB.1.5.

The latter of these does not appear to be susceptible to natural immunity or vaccines.

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel stated, “The spike proteins are like suction cups. So, the more it can get a grip … the more easily it transmits from cell to cell.”

Dr. Shad Fani Marvasti, associate professor and director of public health and prevention at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, poured some cold water on the panic, however.

He stated that even though this is more transmissible, it is also far less virulent than other strands, a tradeoff that often happens as a virus evolves.

Marvasti added, “And that can be both a function of the evolution of the virus … and also the fact that more people have been exposed to the virus through either vaccination boosters or previous infections.”

Siegel countered, “If it’s spreading like wildfire and it’s not killing more people, that means it’s less virulent. But we don’t know the reason for that.”

It just seems to be that some medical experts want us to be terrified when this virus has seemingly morphed into the flu on steroids.

Source: Fox News

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