Newsmax’s Eric Bolling Starts War with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham

Bolling and Ingraham
Photo via AirTV Video Screenshot

It looks like Newsmax is ready to go for the king of the mountain title.

For the most part, Fox News and Newsmax stay out of each other’s way.

Newsmax has been able to carve out a nice niche using Fox’s discarded hosts and going a bit further to the right.

With some Trump fatigue now starting to show at the network, former Fox News host Eric Bolling is trying to boost his new employer by going after Laura Ingraham.

How Dare She?!

Ingraham dared to say that some voters could be exhausted by all the drama that constantly surrounds Donald Trump.

Those voters could be looking for an alternative.

Bolling just about threw up on his desk while he talked about it.

Here is the segment, with the mention and disgust of Ingraham’s comments in the second half…

As odd as it sounds, Bolling may be the one that is right here in terms of Republican voters.

In the most recent polling, 71 percent of Republicans want Trump to run again in 2024, which was taken AFTER the raid.

For all the drama, they believe he was wronged and continues to be wronged.

What better way to stop it than by putting him back in office, or at least that seems to be the public’s thinking right now.

Ingraham is right, though.

If Trump runs and wins, it is six more years of drama, plus having anyone attached to the administration as a target as we move forward.

It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out in coming weeks, especially if Biden continues to get the bump in polling.

Source: Daily Caller

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