Mike Rowe Walks Off Fox Set, Now He is Speaking Out

During an appearance on Fox’s, The Five December 9th television host and author Mike Rowe reacted to the Fox Christmas tree arson and the lighting of the new tree which replaced it. The ‘Dirty Jobs’ legend sat in with Dana Perino, Jessie Waters, Greg Gutfield & Co. and discussed the relaunch of Dirty Jobs as well as his Christmas Jingle hitting number one on the charts. All in all, it seemed that Rowe and The Five had an amazing time as Mike regaled them of his time as an Opera singer and his travails attempting to buy a hotdog in midtown. Where things get interesting, is when the Jussie Smollett verdict dropped during the broadcast and Rowe made a conspicuous exit.

Rowe Ducks Out with Utter Class

Mike Rowe addressed his curious exit in a Facebook post after being questioned by a fan about it. He wrote

“A couple days ago you were on ‘The Five,’ when the Jussie Smollett verdict came in and you walked off the set,” a fan wrote to Rowe on Facebook. “I don’t know if they asked you to leave, or if you just didn’t want to be there for a conversation that would turn political, but you walked off the set…carrying your chair!!! I don’t why this struck me as hysterical, but it was. I mean, seriously, who walks off with their own chair?”

“Personally, I think everyone who sits behind a desk on TV should be responsible for their own chair,”

“It was the producer who told me to leave, and I was glad to comply,” Rowe replied. “Breaking news is always a goat rodeo, and my views on Smollett were bound to piss some people off.”

“The reason I took my chair, though, is because my microphone cord was attached to it, along with my IFB, and I didn’t want to stand there like an idiot trying to untie the wires on live television,” he added.

“Personally, I think everyone who sits behind a desk on TV should be responsible for their own chair, but I suspect I’m in the minority. Anyway, the moment to which you refer is attached. Enjoy!”

Check out the moment Rowe left the table below, a class act all the way. Lesser commentators might’ve worn out their welcome to get their opinion out there on such a charged topic as the Smollett case, but Rowe, knowing that his opinion wasn’t being requested, bowed out gracefully.

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