Michelle Obama Makes Announcement, Signals Her and Barack are Struggling for Money


It looks like Michelle Obama is out beating the bushes for some money. Times are tough with the family locked down in Covid-19 quarantine and Barack just laying around on the couch all day so she had someone ghost write a quick book and she’s making her rounds on the airwaves trying to peddle it.

Obama targets young readers

Nobody really cares what is actually in Michelle Obama’s new book. The whole idea is simply to own a copy so you can display your liberalism on your decolonized bookshelf. Anything with the Obama seal of approval is a must have for progressives.

This one, called “Becoming,” is already destined to be considered, BET predicts, “one of the bestselling memoirs of all time.” The problem was it had too many big words for youngsters to assimilate. The last thing the new regime wants is youngsters who can read.

Now, the liberals proclaim, “the former first lady is releasing a version just for young people.” Michelle Obama crawled up out of her hidey-hole fashionably late on February 3 to tap out a tweet.

“I’m so excited to share that we are releasing new young readers’ and paperback editions of Becoming on March 2!” Brainwashing a fresh generation of globalists by sharing her story is “one of the most freeing experiences of my life, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to keep the conversation going with all of you.” Well, all of you Democrats.

ABC couldn’t wait to find airtime to report that “he upcoming edition will include a new introduction from Mrs. Obama and a letter to her younger self.”

They were also sure to mention, “The suggested price will be $18.99.”

Who’s writing the checks?

The Washington Post is already expecting the reprint with more pictures and shorter words to be an instant success. Barack and Michelle Obama are happy to hear it.

Since George Soros went into hiding recently, reportedly to die, the various Open Societies Foundations entities have been fighting for the barrel scrapings in the bank accounts. No clear successor as front man for the New World Order has yet emerged so Democrats don’t know who’s writing the checks these days.

When Michelle Obama put out the uncut, adult version of her life story in November of 2018, “the book sold more than two million copies in all formats in North America within its first 15 days of being released.”

Very few people can tell you much of what’s in it. It’s not the kind of book one buys to read. It’s simply a status symbol required in every progressive home.

Word around the beltway water coolers is that Barack Obama may be going back to work soon.

He’s been suggested for a cabinet post or two but rumors suggest that he’s holding out for one of the soon to be created seats on the new and improved expanded Supreme Court.

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