AOC Gets Slammed, Big Time


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ( D-NY) is seeing significant pushback on social media for a post she made mocking Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who was harassed while dining.

Kavanaugh was dining at Morton’s The Steakhouse in downtown Washington on Wednesday night when a group of abortion rights protesters was tipped off on his location, forcing him to exit the restaurant through a back entrance. Ocasio-Cortez joked that the least the protesters might do was”let him eat cake,” a throwback to Marie-Antoinette, the queen of France during the French Revolution.

“Poor guy,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “He left before his soufflé because he decided half the country should risk death if they have an ectopic pregnancy within the wrong state lines. It’s all very unfair to him.”

[Editor’s note: It should be noted that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s statement here is patently false, the medical procedures to resolve ectopic pregnancy are not considered to be abortions in any legal or medical sense they are specifically Salpingostomy and salpingectomyminimally invasive laparoscopic procedures according to the Mayo Clinic. Even if emergency surgery is required to remove the doomed unborn child from a womans’s fallopean tubes or abdominal cavity, (ectopic pregnancies are not survivable for the infant or the mother typically), this is still not considered an abortion, and certainly falls under medical exceptions even under the most stringent laws.]

Ocasio-Cortez, seen by some as a possible Democratic candidate in the 2024 presidential election, has actually called the reversing of Roe v. Wade a “crisis of our democracy” and stated the Supreme Court has “dramatically overreached its authority.” Throughout a demonstration on June 24, the day of the Supreme Court’s choice, she required President Joe Biden and the White House to open abortion clinics on federal grounds to guarantee access to abortion after the across the country right was reversed.

Kavanaugh was amongst majority of Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade. He was likewise amongst the justices who signed up with a viewpoint authored by Justice Samuel Alito in the event Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, ruling that Mississippi can preserve its law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

A liberal demonstration group revealed it was offering at least $50 to anybody who sees the conservative justices of the Supreme Court, that includes Kavanaugh, Alito, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett, and reveals their location.

The conservative Justices of the United States Supreme Court are being hunted like criminals with a price… an insultingly low price at that… on information that allows them to be confronted by radical infanticidal extremists.

H/T The Washington Examiner

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