Mayorkas CAUGHT On Video Saying…

Photo via GOP War Room YouTube Video Screenshot

In case you have not yet figured it out, I despise Secretary Mayorkas.

He is the champion liar of this administration, and that is truly saying something.

When he is not lying, he is deflecting, and again, he could be an Olympic champion on this front if there was such as event.

The Deflector

If I were a TV journalist, I can guarantee you that Mayorkas would not be getting off the hook this easily.

He was on MSNBC and more or less asked a yes or no question, that being does he know who and where the 1.1 million gotaways are that his administration has allowed into the country.

His first answer was to deflect, discussing budget, but when the journalist followed up and asked him the same question again, I had hope that he would not allow Mayorkas to ramble on about something else.

But that is what happened, with Mayorkas responding, “So, gotaways have been a challenge from year-to-year, regardless of the administration.

“Whether it’s more than a million in the early parts of this administration, or its hundreds of thousands over the ensuing years.

“But what we are doing, is we are dedicating people, physical assets, and an increasing reliance and use of innovative technology to enhance our visibility and our interdiction capabilities.”

I think it is safe to say that Mayorkas has absolutely no idea where those people are.

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  1. If Mayorkas hair were to be plucked out of his head for each lie he was yet to commit. He would be hairless. Fire this communist and close the border. It`s time to bring the guns out. Everything that has been done is by design.

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