Leftist Activist Stabbed to Death in Broad Daylight


Violent crimes are becoming more and more prevalent in our current society, as Democrats’ lenient policies on crime are coming back to haunt them. This has especially rung true in the past week, as now another leftist has suffered a horrific end.

Early on Monday morning, 32-year-old social justice and climate change activist Ryan Carson was brutally stabbed to death in Crown Heights, Brooklyn while he waited for a bus with his girlfriend after leaving a wedding.

The suspect had approached him and asked “What are you looking at?” before launching the fatal attack. Despite being rushed to Kings County Hospital, unfortunately he could not be saved.

In response to his passing, friends and acquaintances flooded social media platforms with tributes for the activist who was published poet as well as an environmental advocate.

The Gateway Pundit reported that leftist Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger was shot dead in his home early Monday morning after receiving a mysterious threat hours prior.

He had been shot seven times in the chest and abdomen and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital around 2 am.

Not only did he advocate for LGBTQ causes but also for homeless drug-addicted citizens as well however, neither of these were enough to save him from his violent death which occurred just following him mocking conservative Scott Adams on social media about increasing violence in US cities.

On Monday night, Texas Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar faced a carjacking outside his apartment building in Washington D.C by three black men armed with guns who demanded his white Honda CHR.

Luckily Rep Cuellar made it out safe although there has yet been any further information made public about his condition post incident – though one commonality between all three tragedies is that each person involved wanted to defund police departments which obviously did nothing but lead them into danger instead.

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