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It would appear that all this unity that Department of Homeland officials are pretending exists with our border officials is fantasyland.

Emails were leaked from top border officials that show some serious discontent.

Deputy Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol Ortiz was livid over how his agents were treated during #WhipGate.

Get It Right!

Just a refresher on #WhipGate…

After a single picture showed up on social media that was taken at an off angle, it was assumed that border agents were whipping Haitian migrants violating our laws and crossing our border illegally.

Biden, at time, stated, “To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s outrageous.

“I promise you, those people will pay.

“There will be an investigation underway now, and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

It was later revealed that it was only the angle, as another angle showed the agents were using double reins to control their horses and did not even come close to whipping anyone.

Agents were suspended or put on desk duty, and investigation was conducted, the agents were found innocent, but no apology was ever issued.

Ortiz had been sending emails throughout this process showing clear frustration over what had taken place.

In one email, he wrote, “This horse business is awfully negative but there are great efforts occurring and we aren’t highlighting any of them.

“Everyday we are providing lifesaving efforts to migrants under the bridge.

“Our agents are being assaulted and we aren’t saying a word.”

He further stated, “The bus contractors and pilots are dealing with Haitians escaping or trying to overrun drivers and we stay quiet.

“Agents and pro staff are working 14-hour days in difficult conditions, nothing said.

“We have to change the narrative or these stories will be only story.”

Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, also commented, adding, “They knew the evidence would ultimately come to light to show the agents not only did nothing wrong but actually carried out their duties lawfully and in accordance to orders from an Executive Branch Department they control. They obviously didn’t care.

“They knew by the time all evidence came to light, the damage would be done and the political points they desperately wanted would be scored.”

And there still has not been an apology from the Biden administration.

Source: Fox News

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