Kayleigh McEnany Drops Bombshell Announcement Following Indictments

Kayleigh McEnany Drops Bombshell Announcement Following Indictments

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has dropped a bombshell announcement, calling out her successor, Jen Psaki, over new indictments.

After Joe Biden‘s disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the U.S. began to take in “refugees” from the now-Taliban-controlled country, many of whom had legitimate reasons for leaving, especially those who aided the U.S. over the last 20 years.

But, conservatives began calling out the Biden administration for these actions, out of concern that these Afghans were not going through the proper screening process before being allowed into the country. Many feared that criminals and terrorists would slip through the cracks and be allowed into the U.S. to carry out future attacks.

Of course, the Biden administration, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in particular, assured Americans that this would not happen.

“I can absolutely assure you that no one is coming into the United States of America who has not been through a thorough screening and background check process,” Psaki said during a daily press briefing on September 1st. “There are many individuals who have not gone through that process and they have gone to lily pad countries as that process has been completed. It doesn’t mean there is a flag, it means they haven’t completed their paperwork.”

Turns out, Psaki was lying.

Kayleigh McEnany shared a tweet from the New York Post, pointing out the Biden administration’s failure.

The tweet showed pictures of two Afghan refugees who had been indicted by the feds on child sex and spousal assault charges.

One of the men, Bahrullah Noori, 20, has been charged with one count of attempting to engage in a sex act with a minor by force, and three counts of engaging in a sex act with a minor, with one of those three counts alleging the use of force. According to investigators, both of Noori’s victims were under the age of 16.

The New York Post reports: “The indictment specifically alleges that Noori touched the genitalia of one of his victims on three separate occasions while at Fort McCoy, an Army installation located approximately 100 miles northwest of Madison. One of the alleged assaults occurred in a barrack, while the other two took place in a bathroom.”

The other man, Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, was indicted for assaulting his wife by strangling and suffocating her. According to the complaint, Imaad’s wife told soldiers through an interpreter that he had also hit their children on “multiple occasions” and that he “beat me many times in Afghanistan to the point I lost vision in both eyes.”

Imaad’s wife also stated in another interview that her husband had raped her, and abused her verbally and physically. She added that he had threatened to “send her back to Afghanistan where the Taliban could deal with her” and also told her “that nine women have been killed since getting to Fort McCoy and that she would be the tenth.”

Clearly, these people are dangerous, and they definitely aren’t the only two criminals that slipped through the cracks. While people like Kayleigh McEnany are trying to hold the White House accountable for their actions, the unfortunate truth is that it may be too late.

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