Karen Pulls a Gun, Shoots Maskless Customer Then Shoots Self

ICYMI – In a “Mask Karen” incident gone way too far, a Las Vegas gas station clerk shot a maskless customer, then committed suicide with his own gun.

It’s always been pretty obvious that those who take the left’s “Mask Nazi” role too seriously were mentally unstable, but this man clearly had issues.

The incident took place at the Terrible’s gas station on Centennial Center Boulevard and Azure Drive at approximately 8:30 a.m. on February 6th, just a few days before Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak lifted Nevada’s mask mandate.

According to the police report, the victim entered the gas station without wearing a mask, and the clerk immediately began yelling at him to put one on or leave the store. The victim refused, and walked up to the counter with three bags of chips to buy.

The clerk refused to serve him, so he walked out of the store with the items and did not pay for them. The clerk followed the customer out of the store while recording him on his phone, causing the customer to become upset. He advanced toward the clerk and “a struggle quickly ensued.”

The police report states that “once the physical fight was broken up,” the clerk pulled a handgun out of his pocket and fired three times at the victim, hitting him once in the shoulder.

The victim’s ex-girlfriend was able to pick him up and drive him to the hospital, where he received treatment.

After the victim ran off, the clerk made a call on his cellphone and began arguing with someone on the line. Just a few moments later, he put the gun to his head and fired one round.

In the report, a police officer stated that when he arrived at the scene, the man was lying on his back with no pulse, bleeding from his head, still holding the handgun and cellphone.

“Due to the facts and circumstances learned at the time of the incident, [the clerk] would have been charged if he survived with battery with [use of a deadly weapon],” the report said, according to The Guardian.

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