Joe’s Handlers Tip Their Hand


There may be enough votes in the House to open the reasonable first step of an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden. Word around the beltway is that Joe’s handlers are in panic mode over the prospect. They’re frantically calling everyone to see where they stand on the issue. Democrats desperately need enough blackmail on four RINOs to force them to vote no.

House doing it properly

Kevin McCarthy rattled the entire Democrat half of Washington by announcing that the first thing on the agenda when the House gets back from summer vacation is a formal floor vote. The single question will be do we open up a file and look into it? If the majority agrees, the investigation will begin.

He’s making it crystal clear that Republicans won’t play nasty tricks like Nancy Pelosi did. She unilaterally opened up the first bogus impeachment attempt on Donald Trump out of pure spite.

That has Joe’s handlersfocused on whether House Speaker Kevin McCarthy can summon enough votes to open a formal impeachment inquiry.” Two minions leaked to CNN over drinks. “That’s the first question on the table,” one of those people told the liberal outlet. McCarthy is already on record saying moving forward would require a formal vote on the floor, “not a declaration by one person.

CNN spins that to call the obvious swipe at Nancy Pelosi “an apparent reference to members such as Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene,” who has nothing to do with it, other than repeatedly demanding Joe’s impeachment. She could get her wish.

The way the math works out, the magic number is 218 and there are 222 Republicans facing off against 213 Democrats in the House.

Assuming every Democrat stands together shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity, as they usually do, they still need four Republicans brave enough to face the voters back home, after pulling the plug on a basic investigation. The actual impeachment vote comes after that. Democrats are going to be buttering up Kyrsten Sinema to stick with them but she’s not bought yet.

Biden lawyers up

Joe Biden already has one of the highest paid lawyers on the planet working for his son. Abbe Lowell is fighting real hard to keep the entire Biden family out of prison and he’s only one of the attorneys on Hunter’s team. Plus, Hunter is a lawyer too. Inside the Biden regime, all the staff and other minions are getting a herd of lawyers of their own.

The administration “has spent over a year assembling a team of more than two dozen legal, legislative and communications experts to field the expanding portfolio of investigations launched by House Republicans since retaking the chamber’s majority in early 2023.” Despite all those lawyers, nobody has been brave enough to actually risk contempt of Congress yet, so those investigations have been producing serious results.

Now they’re getting another lawyer. In “anticipation of the potential shift in power,” Joe “hired top Veterans Affairs attorney Dick Sauber to spearhead the Biden administration’s response.” It won’t be long before Joe will be testifying to the House under oath as to what exactly he was personally accepting money for.

He was raking it in from Ukraine, Russia, China and other not so friendly nations. Everyone in the family was getting a cut but the pets. At least the Corleone family can point to olive oil as a source of the family income, besides all the alleged money laundering and influence peddling along with all sorts of other basic racketeering services.

Sauber will be bringing another lawyer of his own. The “deputy counsel to the president was joined shortly after by Russell Anello, a former House staff counsel who worked in a similar role crafting the Obama administration’s response to Republican-led investigations.

You don’t need that many lawyers when you’re telling the truth. You only need teams of experts to cover up the truth and get you out of responsibility for what you did. Sauber and Anello are meeting “multiple times a week,” the second person out drinking with CNN added.

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