Joe Manchin Taunts Senate Dems ‘Bring it On’


Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t intimidate easily. “Bring it on,” he dares. While listed as a Democrat, West Virginia’s voice in the upper chamber has some serious DINO proclivities. He’s a case of Mitt Romney karma coming back to bite Joe Biden in the butt like a hungry velociraptor.

Manchin fights back

After weeks of palace pestering by Joe Biden and his minions, to cave in and vote for Democrat bread and circuses – which didn’t work, Senator Joe Manchin is firing back at the latest liberal outrage.

Progressives think they can intimidate him into abolishing the filibuster with threats of replacement. His alleged colleagues in the Senate “issued threats to mount a primary challenge against him in West Virginia.

Don’t even think about thinking about asking him to vote for killing the filibuster. It isn’t going to happen. Not simply to pass one-sided ballot box stuffing laws. Threats of competition don’t scare Manchin. “I’ve been primaried my entire life. That would not be anything new for me. Bring it on.

Just because the “majority of my colleagues in the Democratic caucus” have lost their minds doesn’t mean he needs to inject the Kool-Aid. “I respect that. They have a right to change their minds.

They can vote any way they want to and Manchin has the exact same privilege, whether they like it or not. Just because they’ve been voting in lockstep for years doesn’t mean it’s carved in stone.

All he knows is that he’s not about to change his mind. “I haven’t. I hope they respect that too. I’ve never changed my mind on the filibuster. I just don’t know how you break a rule to make a rule.

No more rules

Its clear that all the Democrats except two, Manchin and Arizona “centrist” Kyrstin Sinema, have given up on the rule of law altogether. The Constitution itself has been “debunked.” Rules are a thing of the past.

The only thing the New World Order can’t figure out is why two alleged Democrats would dare to question authority and act like they have minds of their own. Dick Durban is furious with the disloyal DINOs. “I think we’ve shown them proper respect,” he notes, “I don’t know where their loyalties start and end. They can only answer that themselves.

Scheming Chuck Schumer adds “If Republicans choose to continue the filibuster of voting rights legislation, we must consider and vote on the rules changes.

They can vote, but they’re expected to lose. Unless, that is, they can get ten more Rogue RINO Republicans to join Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. If that happens, they can push Manchin and Sinema under the bus and do as they please.

One way or another, they’re hell bent to change the Senate rules so they can make any other rules they want while they still have the chance. The balls are still up in the air but as it stands now, Manchin and Sinema are the only ones fighting for sanity.

In Arizona, Mark Kelly will soon be fighting for the seat he only got by being more conservative than Martha McSally. Independent conservatives aren’t likely to let him keep it based on the way he’s been acting, so far. Sinema, on the other hand, recognizes she was given an opportunity to actually do bipartisan work. She’s also earning a whole lot of brownie points with Arizona conservative voters for her efforts. Republicans will have to field a solid opponent if they want to defeat her when she comes up for approval again.

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