Pelosi Breaks Promise and Now The Left Wing Lunatics Have Taken the Wheel


The radically left-wing “progressive” Democrat lunatics are furious that Nancy Pelosi would break her promise to them and steer the House toward passing the allegedly bipartisan part of the big pork package first. They’re so angry they grabbed the steering wheel right out of her hands and headed toward the political ditch at 70 miles an hour.

Pelosi scrambles for control

These things happen in the political world, Nancy Pelosi said. She’s trying her best to soothe the savage radical socialists who think she just sold them out.

She needs their help to get the whole Democrat spending scheme through Congress but at the crucial last moment, they think she sold them out and refuse to cooperate until they get their way.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, far-left wingers snarl, “has broken her word and reversed herself with the kind of rank shamelessness that Mitch McConnell would admire, and there will be hell to pay for it one way or another.”

Nancy broke the news on Monday night that “she will no longer support the policy she had promised to back since June.” She was lucky to get out of the private caucus meeting in one piece.

The green and socialist factions of the Democrat party know full well that they lose every shred of leverage they have if the Republicans get their bill passed first.

There was talk of doing them both at the same time but even that’s way too risky. The latest word off Capitol Hill from Pelosi is there may be movement at 9:00 p.m. Thursday, local time. It’s still totally up in the air with all the players hanging tough in their entrenched positions.

It all changed

Everything was right on schedule, Pelosi argues. She knows what she promised. “I told all of you that we wouldn’t go on to the [bipartisan bill] until we had the reconciliation bill passed by the Senate.” Okay, so she lied. “We were right on schedule to do all of that.” Then those pesky DINOs Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema mucked it all up. Suddenly $3.5 trillion was way too much to spend. Manchin won’t approve a penny over 1.5 Trillion.

That’s the reason for her sudden declaration “this number had to come down.” Progressives don’t like limbo. Bernie Sanders had a hard time getting behind the paltry $3.5, “a number far lower that what Sen. Bernie Sanders initially sought but eventually agreed to accept out of a desire to get the deal done.”

Sanders and the rest of the radicals only went along with the idea because Pelosi promised “not to decouple the two bills.” That train is totally derailed. “Our approach had to change,” she snapped. Ilhan Omar had the nerve to complain about the DINO sleeper cells infiltrating their party.

“We obviously didn’t envision having Republicans as part of our party,” she quipped. Omar and two of her liberal gal-pals Pramila Jayapal and Katie Porter took out an op-ed “promising to vote down the infrastructure bill if it is decoupled from the budget bill.”

Not to be upstaged, ” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likewise announced her intention to vote against a decoupled infrastructure bill.” Pelosi has been smoking crack with Hunter Biden, she declares. The united socialist faction has drawn a line in the sand.

“Congress now faces a choice: advance the entirety of an agenda that gets American families the help they need, or deliver only a fraction of it. That’s why we, as leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, remain committed to voting for the infrastructure bill only after the Build Back Better Act is passed.” Conservatives are cheering as both sides of the controversial scheme spiral down in flames.

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