Jimmy Hoffa Cold Case Solved, They Know Where the Body is

jimmy hoffa
jimmy hoffa

It appears the long-standing cold case of Jimmy Hoffa may have finally been solved. For nearly 50 years, the whereabouts of the former Teamsters president had remained a mystery. 

After he disappeared in 1975 while on his way to a meeting with two mob bosses, many suspected foul play and that Hoffa had been murdered, yet there was little evidence to support this theory or even suggest where his body may have been hidden.

That is until now. A non-profit group of cold case crime investigators believes they have located the site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Hoffa is buried.

The Case Breakers, an organization dedicated to solving cold cases of all kinds, believe they have uncovered a bombshell piece of evidence in their search for Hoffa’s remains: an ace of spades playing card scrawled with scribbled instructions by a dying police sergeant believed to be involved with Hoffa’s kidnapping. Led by Jim Zimmerman—former police officer and thirteen year member of the Case Breakers—the investigation eventually pointed them towards the old site of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin.

It’s here that they believe Hoffa’s body lies beneath the third-base line that previously stood next to American Family Field (formerly known as Miller Park), home field to Major League Baseball team The Milwaukee Brewers.

According to Thomas J Colbert, founder of the Case Breakers team and former federal investigator Jim Christy conducted a “verbal walkthrough” with independent sources from three states who convinced them forensics could reveal Hoffman’s remains at what used to be Milwaukee County Stadium’s third base line location—now part Helfaer Field.

The team deployed ground penetrating radar over this remote location three times but were unable to detect beyond five feet due to an unexpected clay layer which they suspect was caused by an excavation that had taken place before being hurriedly backfilled again.

Further supporting their theory was Carren Corcoran; one of the country’s top cadaver dogs whose animal Moxy gave four positive signals when brought onto the scene—all around where ground penetrating radar had indicated something suspicious below ground level just outside Helfaer Field fence line.

In order for any further action such as excavation work at this location can be taken however approval must first be sought from local law enforcement and FBI agents alike who have already agreed verbally according to reports from Fox News Digital.

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