Jill Biden Pitches Fake Help [INFO]

Fake Help
Fake Help

Jill Biden is pitching fake help, which is no surprise considering the dumpster fire that this administration keeps turning into…

This occurred a month ago, and it began when the Bidens attempted to cap off Martin Luther King Jr. weekend by volunteering at a recovery center for those that were affected by the tornadoes in Kentucky in December.

“As we held our holiday dinner, as we said our Christmas prayers, the families of Kentucky were on our minds. And today, at the start of MLK Day weekend, a time where we come together to serve in our own ways, helping build Dr. King’s Beloved Community, I want you to know that we are going to keep that promise,” Biden said.

Of course, they also did this because Martin Luther King Jr. Day is considered a federal holiday that is designated as a day of service across the United States.

These tornadoes were an extremely difficult event for the residents of Kentucky, with at least 90 individuals confirmed deceased due to it. They were calling this the deadliest day in history for tornadoes in December as well.

President Biden and the First Lady visited Kentucky a few months ago, and that is when Dr. Biden promised this fake help. She claimed that the survivors of this tornado have stayed in her and the president’s thoughts since he visited.

To her credit, the First Lady did praise the volunteer work that has been done to rebuild the community.

The First Lady also said the following:

“I know it probably felt more like an end than the beginning. Yet something new has begun,” she said. “It’s a beginning that looks like … lines of people donating blood for those most in need. It tastes like the hot meals from the food trucks that we saw that traveled miles and miles to feed the hungry. It feels like the warmth of a borrowed generator for families with no power. And it sounds like the soft prayers of comfort and healing from friends and strangers alike.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) State Disaster Recovery Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky is where the Bidens volunteered, and it has provided plenty of nonperishable food, books, and clothing for residents, all of which have been donated. People can take them for free.
The First Lady was joined on her visit by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) and Kentucky First Lady Britainy Beshear. Kentucky Representative Brett Guthrie (R-KY) was on the scene as well.

Biden and Guthrie teamed up so that they could work through a box of children’s clothes, placing them on hangers so that they would be easier to give away.

“Somebody is going to love that,” she said in regards to a red and black shirt with a spider on it and put it on a hanger. She also said, “that’s my fit” when she looked at a Philadelphia Eagles shirt.

Dr. Biden also checked out an area that was known as a command center, one that not only had nonperishable food but also several laptops as a way to organize the recovery efforts. The First Lady also made some remarks about the grief of losing a home and set an optimistic tone in regards to those who were struggling.

“It will take time to make this beautiful place home again. But what we’ve seen — what we’ve all seen today — is there is faith here too. And there’s so much strength and there is so much hope,” she said.

It was earlier that Friday that Dr. Biden visited Bowling Green’s Creekwood Neighborhood where she spoke to various residents and surveyed the damage there.

She spoke to several families who had sustained tornado damage, including some who had boarded-up windows. It was definitely a convenient time for the First Lady to have a photo-op, and she definitely took the opportunity.

Why is this fake help? Well, one of the main reasons is because it appears that she is simply taking the opportunity to swing some voters in solid-red Kentucky. Yes, it is good that she is taking the time to try to help, but trust us, there are plenty of individuals who are questioning her motives here.


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