It Was ALL a SHOW and People Fell for it


Headlines flew and many were convinced that a massive nationwide rally at all 50 state Capitols and Washington, DC was set for Inauguration Day. It Was ALL a SHOW and People Fell for it. The curiously red and yellow flyer with three stars vaguely resembling Chinese-communist symbolism read:

“When Democracy is Destroyed, Refuse to be Silenced: Armed march on Capitol Hill and All State Capitols. January 17th 2021 @ 12PM. Washington Memorial to the White House (and all 50 state capitols). Over two hundred years ago, our foundeing fathers fought for the rights and liberties of this nation. Don’t let their efforts be in vain. Demand Freedom. End the Corruption. Stand up for Liberty.”

Last week the FBI warned law enforcement officials across the country of the possible armed protests both leading up to and culminating on inauguration day resulting in significant displays of force and fortification of state and federal buildings, there was even a significant overreaction to a fire near the capitol.

It Was All a Show….And Nobody Came

According to local Fox affiliate Fox26 Houston,

“It was all hands on deck at the Texas State Capitol in preparation for the worst.” However, “Almost all 50 capitals saw little to no protest activity in the days leading up to Inauguration Day.”

Political science Professor Brian Smith theorized that in response to increased security due to the Capitol Breach “These people realize, if we do anything wrong, we’re not only going to go to jail, we’re going to be arrested to the fullest extent of the law, and maybe a federal charge so that’s enough to scare anybody from doing anything illegal,” he said.

USNews reported that,

“Demonstrators gathered in very small numbers at some statehouses, many of which have been effectively turned into fortresses with barricades, fencing and large numbers of National Guard troops and law enforcement personnel.

There were also no large demonstrations Wednesday in D.C., where 25,000 members of the National Guard patrolled the streets – more than four times the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.”

In spite of the anti-climactic “show”, with the mass take down of #StopTheSteal on all major social media outlets and the Conservative purge from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, national tensions remain high. And many people are still deeply concerned that a true conflict between left and right is now inevitable and could come at any time.

As pollster Frank Luntz reported, 64% of President Trump’s supporters believe “they may have to use force to “save the traditional American way of life.”, and many on the left now describe President Trump’s supporters the same way Biden, Pelosi and Schumer do: as “Domestic Terrorists“. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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