He Duped Them and They All Fell For It

Was Joe Biden’s student loan giveaway a ploy to get younger voters to pull the handle for Democrats?

Well, that would all depend on how you interpret our Constitution and the powers of the president.

If and when this goes to the Supreme Court and if the decision falls the way we think it will, then yes, they all got duped.

The Bribe

When the order was signed, I called it a bribe to buy votes from the younger generation of voters.

That turned out to be true, as they turned out in droves for Democrats.

I also stated that I thought it was an overreach on the part of Biden, and I still believe that.

Even Joe Biden was worried about the constitutionality of the order when he signed it.

That, however, did not matter to him because the purpose was served.

The election is over and Dems held the Senate and may even hold the House when all is said and done.

If the order gets rescinded, you are going to see a very upset generation of voters, but Joe Biden then has two years to try to fix the problem.

Source: Fox News

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