Investigation Leads to BLM Busted, Top Member INDICTED


BLM Greater Atlanta President Tyree Conyers-Page also known as “Sir Maejor Page” has been indicted on three counts of money laundering and one count of wire-fraud totaling over $450,000 by a Federal Grand Jury in Cleveland, Ohio. The allegations against Mr. Conyers-Page are disgustingly corrupt and are surely only the first of many more to come as BLM continues to be scrutinized.

The Biggest BLM Indictment To Date

The four counts that Conyers-Page was indicted on charge that he “purchased homes, traveled, and spent other people’s money to buy luxury items for himself, all on the backs of hardworking people believing they were donating to a worthy cause. ” According to a Department of Justice Press release,

“It is alleged that the defendant created a 501(c)(3) Facebook page entitled “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” and later used it to defraud donors out of more than $450,000 after BLMGA’s tax-exempt status as a charity with the IRS was revoked.

“These allegations involve fraudulent misrepresentations that the donations received would support Black Lives Matter (Atlanta, Georgia) when, as stated in the indictment, those funds were actually used by the defendant for personal expenses he incurred in Toledo and elsewhere,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan. “It is our sincere hope that these charges help raise awareness about online scams and efforts by some to exploit the name and purpose of non-profit organizations for personal gain.”

LifeStyles of The Fraudulent, Corrupt And Indicted

The “Sir Maejor Page” Social media accounts are filled with images of Conyers-Page depicting his lavish lifestyle. And his LinkedIn Profile still lists him as “President & CEO of Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta” from January 2015 to Present claiming that his role was  “Overseeing the complete operation of an organization in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans.​”

The indictment goes on to detail how Conyers-Page used funds donated ostensibly to BLM to purchase “items, including entertainment, hotel rooms, clothing and firearms.” and most remarkably to purchase his residence. “The defendant is accused of using the largest sum of funds to purchase a property and the adjoining vacant lot on Glenwood Avenue and Maplewood Avenue in Toledo, Ohio. This property was to be used as a personal residence for the defendant, the indictment states. The defendant allegedly attempted to conceal the purchase of the property by titling it to “Hi Frequency Ohio” and requesting that the seller’s realtor enter into a nondisclosure agreement.”

A Race-Baiting BLM Con-Artist Living On Blood Money

In the infamous traditions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton before him Tyree Conyers-Page is a race-baiting hustler and con-artist. The only difference is that he wasn’t smart enough to get away with it for several decades. Just like his ideological forebears, Tyree took tragedies, inflamed and encouraged wrathful anger in the black community and harvested their dollars to perpetuate his career as a failed “actor” and “model”.

Disavowed by BLM Global After He Was Indicted

Conyers-Page’s fraudulent crimes are so obvious that even the current grand-champion, race baiting hustlers of Black Lives Matter Global Network under grifters Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi have fallen all over themselves to create distance between their organization and BLM Greater Atlanta.

At the time of his arrest they released a statement,

“The recent and past behavior of Tyree Conyers-Page, also known as Sir Maejor Page, has continued to compromise the integrity of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, supporters, and allies. Our stance remains that Mr. Page is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

We reject and will continue to call out the extreme misleading behaviors of people who utilize our name for their own personal wealth and gain and who are clearly not in service of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation or the movement we represent.”

Oooof, when even the group that makes a quick buck “fundraising” and deifying drug dealers, rioters and cop killers wants some daylight between you and them… that’s harsh.

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