Instagram Bombshell Influencer SHOT DEAD

Photo via nubia_cristina_braga Instagram Screenshot

A rising star on Instagram has been taken away from her fans.

Popular Brazilian beauty influencer Núbia Cristina Braga was shot dead on October 14.

Braga had just returned home when a gunman who arrived via motorcycle opened fire, hitting her multiple times.

Apparent Hit

The nature of the murder rings of an organized hit

But who would want to murder a social media influencer in this manner?

She was clearly the target of the attack.

Polica police stated that after she arrived home, two men arrived on motorcycles.

They entered her home through the front door, then opened fire, leaving her in a pool of her own blood to die as they fled the scene.

At 23, she was only getting her career started, wanting nothing more than to become a social media star.

She was far from many of the vain women we see in this role, however.,

She was active in her community, volunteering and helping those in need.

Sadly, she is not the first influencer to be targeted in such a manner.

In September, Mexican TikTok star Karla Pardini was killed after being lured out of her home with a mysterious phone call.

Source: New York Post

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