How the Cartel Runs Retail Theft Crews Like Professionals


The Mexican crime cartels are the ones really behind the retail theft explosion. They run crews of professional “boosters” who turn it over to the “fences.” Before the stolen goods get mailed out to clueless consumers, all the identifying marks have been removed by the “cleaners.

Retail theft run by cartels

The retail theft pandemic is described by left-leaning media as “nationwide” but it’s really only a mess in cities administered by Democrat officials. In 2021 alone, the losses were tallied up at close to $100 billion.

The insurance companies refuse to compensate the stores who chose to do business in lawless places, so the merchants are left with only two choices. Close their doors and move elsewhere or pass the cost along to consumers who actually bother to pay for what they take out of the store.

Mexican cartels, The Washington Examiner reports, “are behind the spike in organized retail crime and are deeply entrenched in every level of the process.

They got the data for their expose from “the federal government’s chief investigative agency.” That would be Steve Francis, acting executive associate director for Homeland Security Investigations.

As mobs of professional thieves hit one retail outlet after another, there were a Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Home Depot hit with the exact same tactics in a single week, all in Democrat run California.

The key to the whole scam are laws which decriminalize shoplifting for those who do the actual stealing. The Macy’s got hit while a new tactical response team was sitting in a briefing on how to stop them.

More violent attacks

Organized crime, Francis notes, is “leading to more brazen and more violent attacks in retail stores throughout the country. Many of the criminal rings orchestrating these thefts are also involved in other serious criminal activity such as human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, weapon trafficking, and more.” No kidding.

Legitimate law-abiding shoppers say it would be nice to see laws actually being enforced for a change. Having a few police on the street actually arresting criminals would help. If, that is, they can find a prosecutor actually willing to prosecute someone.

Totally ignoring the fact that cartel factions are firmly in control of the entire operation, “these crimes are considered ‘non-serious‘ and ‘non-violent‘ and nobody will go to state prison, even if caught and convicted.

Retail merchants say I’m outta here. Nordstrom just closed their flagship store in San Francisco as the shopping mall it’s in is becoming overrun by zombies. They can no longer ensure the safety of their employees.

Professional thieves called “boosters,” often “travel in crews throughout the country utilizing aliases, rental vehicles, and tools such as ‘booster bags’ and illegally acquired security keys to steal high-value merchandise.” The loot goes straight to the “fencer” or “fence” who pays the boosters pennies on dollars for what the merchandise is worth.

They have crews of “cleaners” to go over everything to remove security and tracking tags, along with anything which could track back to the criminals. From there, it hits all the retail websites from eBay to Amazon, along with every fly by night “liquidator” and swap mart in town.

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