Hillary Clinton Puts Deplorables on Notice

Hillary Clinton Puts Deplorables on Notice

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is once again opening her mouth to spew nonsense, this time in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Democrats tend to prop up unlikeable people because of their gender or race, ignoring the fact that they have failed miserably in their so-called political careers, and Hillary Clinton is no exception. The only reason she became famous was because she was married to former President Bill Clinton, but her actual political career included being the ineffective junior senator from New York, doing a terrible job as secretary of state, and running two failed presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016.

Of course, the way the left idolizes her, you would think she was a huge success, and it appears that she believes that lie too.

Clinton just put out a new novel, ‘State of Terror’ which she worked on alongside author Louise Penny.

In a discussion about the book, “Good Morning America” co-host Amy Robach asked the failed presidential candidate: “I believe you said it’s up to us to make the plot stays fictional. After writing this, any interest in getting back in the game of politics?”

“I will never be out of the game of politics,” Clinton responded. “I’m not going to be running for anything. I really feel, Amy — I know George was interviewing Adam Schiff before —I  really feel like our democracy is at stake. And there’s many reasons for that, some of them we saw on the screen with the insurrection, some of them because of the revelations of Facebook, creates a world of disinformation.”

“I’m really worried about what’s happening at home and around the world. I’m never going to get out or being involved, worried, and hopefully trying to help in some way,” she added.

It’s almost as if she doesn’t realize that she played a major part in causing most of these problems, joining the rest of her party in demonizing average Americans, especially conservatives, as “deplorables.” What did they expect? When you continue to dehumanize and antagonize your political opponents, eventually they will rise up. That’s what happened in 2016, when Hillary lost to Donald Trump, and again in 2020, when the so-called insurrection happened. Of course, the “insurrection” was actually just a group of — (to use the left’s favorite phrase) — “mostly peaceful” protestors who walked around inside and outside the Capitol building protesting fraud, irregularities, and unconstitutional rule changes in the 2020 election.

Hillary Clinton is so unlikeable, it’s amazing that she hasn’t realized this by now and dropped out of public life. Instead, she is doubling down on her dedication to destroying the United States.

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