Here Are 5 Takeaways After Newsom Recall Effort

Here are 5 Takeaways After Newsom Recall Effort

The effort to recall failed California Governor Gavin Newsom has failed, as many predicted it would. There had been some hope for gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder to triumph in the state, but all hopes have been dashed.

Five Takeaways from the Recall Effort

While the left is proclaiming from the rooftops that Newsom staving off the recall effort means that people like radical leftist policies and tyrannical COVID lockdowns, the truth is much simpler: most Californians are either ignorant, or not paying attention, or both.

One: People Are Ignorant

One way or another, the majority of people in California are ignorant.

  • Some are just so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t notice what is going on in the state.
  • Some are so out of touch that they still think the Democrat Party stands for the same issues it did back when political discourse was sane and rational.
  • Some just blindly vote Democrat without thinking or caring.
  • Many Republicans have just given up on voting because they think it won’t make a difference, yet they still choose to stay in the state.
  • Many Republicans and Independents have left California in the past few years.
  • Some people are ignorant enough to think that the Democrats can fix problems that the Democrats themselves created.

Two: Fear is An Excellent Motivator

The mainstream media and the left have done an excellent job striking fear in the hearts of average Americans: fear of COVID, fear of Larry Elder, fear of Donald Trump, fear of the strawman arguments that the left claims are actual GOP policies, etc. The populace of California, one of the bluest states in the union, is so gripped by fear of the coronavirus that they have willingly given up a significant number of their freedoms. For as long as the left and the media can maintain that fear among the citizens of California, the state will continue to be a tyrannical hellhole.

The media and the left have also done a great job of comparing Larry Elder, Newsom’s most fierce rival in the recall effort, to Donald Trump. There is nothing better than the fear of Trump 2.0 to motivate the left. As many of Elder’s political positions are conservative, they naturally mirror Trump’s positions, giving the left an excellent campaign strategy.

Three: The Left is Much Better at Organizing

Face it, this is a fact we’ve known for a while. The left is better at organizing. Republicans have jobs, families, and responsibilities. They don’t have time to go out and protest, campaign, or petition for political issues or candidates. The left has groups and megadonors that organize and fund protests and other events around the country. They even have literal paid activists who protest and petition for a living.

Four: Fraud Happens in Even the Bluest States

One would think that criminals wouldn’t need to bother with fraud tactics in a safe blue state like California, but they’re obviously scared of something. Numerous stories came out on election day of Republican voters going to the polls, only to find out that the system said that they had already voted.

A few weeks before the election, news broke that a man was found passed out in a car with drugs, a gun, and 300 recall ballots. That sounds like fraud.

Even more suspicious, a warning was being sent out to conservatives a few weeks before the election, informing everyone that the bubble next to the word ‘Yes’ to recall Newsom mysteriously lines up perfectly with the hole in the mail-in voting envelope, which allows anyone with access to the envelope to know whether an individual voted to recall Newsom. This would easily allow people to simply discard a ballot if they disagree with the voter’s choice.

The envelopes were also rather thin, allowing anyone with even a weak cellphone flashlight to see your vote, and no matter which way you folded your ballot, they could see the answer for either the recall question, or whether you selected Larry Elder.

Five: California is a Lost Cause

In the simplest of terms, California is a lost cause. The state is so radical and insane, they are now paying people not to shoot each other in Los Angeles. Homeless encampments have taken over most of the cities. San Francisco has a poop department dedicated to picking up human feces off of the sidewalks, and its employees make approximately $184,000 per year including benefits (being paid with taxpayer money!). There are numerous other examples of the insanity going on in California. So the question is, why are Republicans staying there and continuing to fund this insanity? Why are they torturing themselves by living there? California is a lost cause, and it’s time people realize it and let the people of Cali learn the true consequences of their disastrous policies.

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