Heavily Armed and in Body Armor, Atlanta Man Arrested Despite CCW Permit…MSM forgets to Cover Skin Color on This One


Rico Marley, 22 entered a Publix Grocery store at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia Wednesday. He was wearing body armor and was armed with a rifle, a shotgun and four pistols according to police. He also had his weapons carry license on his person, made no aggressive movements and cooperated with Police when detained.

So, why is Marley being charged? And why won’t the Mainstream Media lead with his picture or readily mention that he’s black? HuffPo reported that “Investigators said the man is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.” But why? Most reports indicate that Marley entered the store and went directly to the restroom and had one of his rifles leaning against a wall while he used the facilities.

Conflicting Stories Of A Licensed, Armed Black Man

“A witness observed the male and alerted store management, who then notified police,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer Anthony Grant told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Charles Russell, an Instacart delivery shopper said he entered the restroom and saw the man with a a rifle inside a stall. The AJC wrote,

“I seen an AR-15,” Russell told Channel 2 Action News. “(That) kind of startled me with the events that recently happened in the grocery store up in Colorado.”

The man was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, Russell said, but apparently was not wearing the body armor at the time. Concerned for his safety and the safety of other shoppers, Russell said he told a manager what he saw and urged the store employees to call 911.”

According to 11Alive, “Atlantic Station, however, said that carrying weapons on the property is against its policies.

“Atlantic Station Security and the Atlanta Police Department acted swiftly to manage both situations and secure the area to ensure the safety of our guests,” a spokesperson said in the statement. “The safety of the Atlantic Station community is of utmost importance,” they added. 11Alive reported that Marley is being charged with “Reckless Misconduct”.

Differing reports have indicated that Marley is being charged either with five counts of criminal attempt – aggravated assault and six counts of possession of a firearm during commission of a felony or “6 counts of Possession of Firearm or Knife During a Commission of or Attempt to Commit Certain Felonies and 5 counts of Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony.” according to WSBTV

Unanswered Questions

Multiple questions remain unanswered this morning, but the most fundamental is this:

What value does a license to carry provide, if you are arrested anyway for simply carrying your weapons?

Based upon witness accounts and police statements: Marley entered a store and used the restroom while armed with his weapons and armor. No other provocative action was taken by him and the police were summoned. Marley was arrested without incident and is now facing serious charges… FOR WHAT?!?

The fact that Mr. Marley is a black man while otherwise irrelevant has been knowingly omitted from several headlines and feature photos throughout the media as well. Why? Because this black man’s rights don’t matter? Because the right in question is the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Or because it doesn’t fit the prevailing left wing narrative of “white, male mass-shooter”?

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