Hackers Reveal: Gun Registry Gives Actual Coordinates To Gun Owners Homes


For decades, leftists in the United States have called for a comprehensive National Gun Registry to be established and patriotic Americans who support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution have pushed back, railed against, and prevented it. One of the primary concerns of such a registry existing even in the “most secure” hands possible: the US Government’s (try reading that with a straight face) is that in the information age: What is truly secure?

There Is No Such Thing As “Secure” Registry

Unfortunately, gun owners in the United Kingdom, few as they are, just found out the answer to that question…Nothing is. According to British authorities, the names, and personal details of 111,000 legal gun-owners across the UK have been hacked from a major gun trading site and leaked publicly by animal rights eco-terrorists. It’s a nightmare scenario that is placing the lives, homes, and property of 111,000 law-abiding British subjects in mortal danger.

The Telegraph reports,

“Data obtained in the illegal hack was initially posted on the dark web, but has now been published on an anti-hunting blog, with supporters urged to contact the gun owners and challenge them as to whether they shoot animals.

There are concerns that apart from anti-hunting activists making use of the information, the hack could also be a boon for criminal gangs who are seeking to obtain firearms.

Police, the National Crime Agency and the Information Commissioner’s Office are all investigating the hack, with gun owners being urged to double-check their home security.”

Disturbingly the best advice that the British authorities could come up with was a brief statement on their website which read,

“Our advice to members would be to check home security and be extra vigilant. Make sure all firearms are appropriately locked away and make sure buildings are kept secure.”

Many detractors are jumping on two points first, that it wasn’t a Federal registry that was hacked, it was a corporate website. This is disingenuous because Gun registry regimes require that the dealer maintain these records to meet reporting requirements, creating a ‘built-in’ weakness in the system. You don’t have to hack a government database, you can go instead to the source of the government’s data. Second, they stress that the addresses of the owners weren’t revealed, and this is also disingenuous, as The Telegraph reports, the data included the “coordinates” of the home, which can easily be mapped by someone with a child’s level of computer literacy.

“The stolen data includes the names, email addresses and phone numbers of customers who have used the Guntrader.uk website in recent years.

While the information is not thought to include home addresses, it does have co-ordinates that can be cross-checked against online maps.”

It is very dangerous to own a firearm in the UK tonight, and not for the reasons the leftists give you, but for the circumstances, they’ve created.

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