Governor LOSES Major Court Battle… Conservatives Celebrate

It turns out, there is a thing called free speech in this country that some judges actually respect.

A group of doctors had filed a lawsuit against California for a law that was recently signed by Newsom.

That law basically meant they could not speak about COVID unless their opinion agreed with the consensus.

In addition to the free speech issues, the doctors maintained that it could hurt them in treating patients.

The Right Decision

The injunction against the law is a temporary one, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Aaron Kheriaty, MD, stated, “The ruling bodes well for our case.

“It indicates that our arguments that this law is unconstitutional have strong pre-trial facial plausibility.

“Not to get ahead of ourselves, of course, or try to predict the final outcome of the case, but this is a very positive development.”

Dr. Tracy Hoeg, another plaintiff in the case, stated that the law “puts physicians who are simply trying to give appropriate and individualized recommendations in a difficult position, particularly considering they may not know what the California Medical Board’s ‘consensus’ is at the moment or if it also evolves as our understanding evolves.”‘

It will be interesting to see how his plays out once it actually gets into the courtroom.

I would think that with all the wrong consensus concussions that have been drawn, this injunction will hold up.

Source: Fox News

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