GOP Left Devastated by This Shocking Report… No Wonder…

No wonder people hate conservatives in this country.

It turns out that trend of negative coverage of Trump was not just a trend during his presidency.

With Trump nowhere in sight, the media is still covering the GOP negatively 87 percent of the time.

Just Be Fair

The study was conducted by the Media Research Center, a conservative organization, so take that into account.

The same study cited that Democrats are covered negatively 67 percent of the time.

MRC looked at the main networks, (ABC, NBC, and CBS) to evaluate newscasts.

They did find that Joe Biden is getting far less negative coverage than Donald Trump received when he was in office.

Trump dominated broadcasts in 2018, showing up a massive 48 percent of the time.

The coverage was usually negative.

Biden, during this midterm, has only been mentioned 16 percent of the time.

Three of the four candidates in this cycle receiving the most negative coverage are all Trump-backed candidates, with Fetterman being the exception.

Fetterman received a negative 81 percent, followed by Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker.

Kari Lake led the negative reports, with not a single positive report being published.

It is pretty funny that Lake gets a 100-percent negative, yet her Democrat opponent is the one that is a racist.

Source: New York Post

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