Another State Moves Towards Audit, Machine Investigation Imminent


One state after another is putting every voting machine under the audit microscope as reports have been surfacing that one unit might not produce the same results as another when tested. Conservative lawmakers in the state of North Carolina are asking some pointed questions about the way their state handles the vote counting process. A full six months after November’s selection there are a whole lot more questions than answers. Their hardware investigation is imminent.

Voting machine mayhem

North Carolina’s General Assembly of legislators, Gateway Pundit reports, are requesting a deep dive into “how the process works, including a review of what took place last November.” Behind the movement to question authority on voting machine integrity is conservative Jeff McNeely. “We are just trying to see if there are any legs to the rumors we hear about ballots and machines,” he insists.

They “want to know if there is anything that could have been changed by the machines.” More and more evidence has been surfacing to say it might have. They gave Democrat officials “a deadline” to get back to them on it.

“I believe the information in what we call the ‘hand to eye audits’ needs to be public, and we need to make sure those tallies match.” Each machine should come up with the same answer, “currently they are not public and they should be.” McNeely also happens to be a House Freedom Caucus member.

He notes that they’ve noticed concerns about some counties in particular. “We know that Mark Zuckerberg gave five-six million dollars to counties in North Carolina, but we don’t have an accounting on that.” It would be nice to know what Facebook bought for all that cash.

Along with fellow state conservatives, the red team is “working on a bill that would make it law to evenly distribute that money to our 100 counties. But as it is now, we do not know where that money went or what it went for.”

One thing he does know, some counties seem to have more voting machine problems than others. “We always have the same counties who just can’t seem to get it together for elections. We have to make our elections bulletproof.”

Act as a deterrent

McNeely wants to see “penalties for election machine cheating to go up to a Class H if not higher.” That, he suggests will act as a deterrent. Because they only have resources to do so much at a time, republicans decided to focus on doing the most good. He declares, “we need to clean the house.” Fellow Republican lawmaker Keith Kidwell agrees.

He also has a plan. “We put the hard question to these guys about what is going on with the machines. We asked the SBOE to give us access to the three machines, and what kinds of modems they have. We want our own technicians to examine and they are going to get back to us.”

After North Carolina’s House Freedom Caucus got done with their “exploratory activities,” they issued a formal statement. “The 2020 election results were reviewed, as well as the different voting machines and their internal parts.

Specifically, questions about modems and the ability for the machines to be accessed by the internet were discussed.” They also “asked to open and inspect all versions of the voting systems.” Along with access to each and every machine used last November.

Along with that, they’re demanding that “more information be provided on NCSBOE’s website, specifically regarding county internal audits, page history, and footnotes for when revisions are made.”

If we can’t trust every single machine used in the election the entire election result is called into question. As Once and Future President Donald Trump is well aware from his tragically Napoleonic exile to Florida.

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