Fox News Makes AMAZING Gesture… People Are in Tears

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Fox News has once again answered the bell for relief efforts.

The network has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

The network is also openly encouraging its readers and viewers to donate.

Expect Millions

Fox News has done this before, and it usually ends up being an eight-figure bounty.

The last relief effort was for Ukraine, which raised $12 million.

This is directly benefitting Americans, so I think people’s pocketbooks will be open much wider.

If there is one thing this country does, it is giving when in time of need to its own.

Fox News will also be matching employee contributions, so this number could get up there pretty quickly.

Ian has been epic, not to mention deadly.

Governor Ron DeSantis stated, “We’ve never seen a flood event like this.

“The amount of water that’s been rising and will likely continue to rise today – even as the storm is passing – is basically a 500-year event.”

DeSantis has done an exceptional job, but this recovery will take time.

Florida has not been hit like this in decades.

To donate to the Fox effort, go to: WWW.RedCross.Org/FoxForward

Source: Fox News

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