FBI TERRIFIED… Trump Has Them Running for Their Lives


I just heard an interview that left me in stitches that was done with former FBI Acting Director and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

As you may recall, McCabe was the Deputy under James Comey when the illegal FISA warrants were issued and served as the Acting Director after Comey was canned.

According to McCabe, his phone lines are burning up with agents telling him how terrified they are that Trump will toss them in jail if he gets back into office.

Running Scared

So, let me give you McCabe’s comments before I talk about how telling this is of the agency.

McCabe stated, “It’s terrifying, it’s frightening. I have a lot of conversations with former colleagues, people who are or were in the intelligence and law enforcement community, and may have worked in the Obama administration, other places and people are really trying to assess what is life going to be like if Donald Trump wins a second term.

“On a very personal level, I mean, these are tortures discussions with their family members about whether or not they have to leave the country to avoid being unconstitutionally and illegally detain.

“People were actually worried about being thrown in jail or grabbed in some sort of extra judicial detention.”

Let me ask one simple question… if the agents did not do anything illegal, what would they have to fear?

I have always thought it was just a small rogue element within the agency that was up to no good with Trump.

Maybe a few dozen agents and leadership who wanted to go after him, but perhaps I am wrong.

There would be one way to find out… pull McCabe’s phone records and see what FBI agents have contacted him in recent weeks.

If you ask me, all these agencies need to be investigated and overhauled.

They have gotten away with doing whatever they want, laws or not, for decades, and it is surely time to check them.

And while we are at it, how about bringing up the 51 former intelligence officers who tried to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop on election interference charges?

Then maybe these agencies will start to understand that having a badge for an alphabet agency does not mean you get a free pass.

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