FBI Opens New Unit, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The FBI is getting really nervous about all the death threats. Americans are rather angry at everyone “involved in the Hunter Biden investigation.” Angry enough that the bureau “created a special unit” in self-defense.

FBI hunts down complainers

The FBI just announced the creation of “a special unit to tackle the ‘unprecedented‘ number of threats.” Along with agents of the Federal Bureau of Instigation, federal prosecutors “face criticism for not being tough enough” on Hunter and Joe Biden.

Jennifer L. Moore went in front of Congress to testify about it, then she disappeared from her post as “an executive director of human resources” at the bureau.

We have stood up an entire threat unit to address threats that the FBI employee facilities are receiving,” then director Moore testified to the House Judiciary Committee, in June.

NBC recently got a copy of the transcript. According to what she told Congress, their “new unit would comprise 10 agents” whose “sole mission on a daily basis” is to investigate “threats” to bureau employees and their offices. There have been a whole lot of those lately.

Not only did she describe the number of violent threats “unprecedented,” she added “it’s a number we’ve never had before.

The record breaking number of death threats directed at the FBI and federal prosecutors is clearly related to the way they’re working so hard to let Hunter off the hook for something minor. Meanwhile they’re doing their best to throw the book at Donald Trump with anything they manage to make up.

More than doubled

The number of threats doubled and just kept climbing “Threats to FBI agents’ facilities had more than doubled, with more threats reported from October through March than in the previous year,” Moore testified.

DOJ officials confirm that “the pace of threats increased” after the bureau began persecuting rightful President Donald Trump, “and has not slowed down since.

The agents who are really sweating are the ones supposedly “investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.” They practically have their families moved into witness protection programs.

Most of them have already been directly threatened by “people who think the bureau has not been tough enough.” Not only that, the laptop repairman who was brave enough to dare handing Hunter Biden’s laptop over to the FBI for investigation also gets death threats daily, from the left. The bureau doesn’t care about that.

The rank and file are especially nervous because “only high-ranking FBI officials and prosecutors have armed protection.” That means “special counsel Jack Smith and his team, as well as Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to investigate classified documents found at [alleged] President Biden’s home and office.

Lesley Wolf, once part of U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ team, “received a barrage of credible threats after two IRS agents accused her of making decisions favorable to the first family.

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