Fast Thinking Armed Husband Saves Wife in Unbelievable Early Morning Attack


One fast thinking Second Amendment supporter in North Carolina saved his wife from a vicious attack right in their own suburban driveway. It’s a good thing he was armed when the whole bizarre incident unfolded in front of the couple’s home surveillance camera. You can expect demonstrators to be visiting them soon, but they won’t be Black Lives Matter types this time who are totally outraged.

Armed and ready for action

Nobody was happier, one early April morning recently, than Kristi Wade. She’s thrilled that her armed husband Happy Wade was right there when she headed off to the veterinarian with the family cat. “He saved my life,” she exclaims.

“I don’t know where I’d be or what sort of shape I’d be in right now had he not been here.” The couple relate how they were viciously attacked without warning right in their own driveway.

People who carry weapons for protection are fully aware that the whole idea is that you never know when a handgun might come in real handy, so if you’re going to be armed, make sure it’s loaded and ready for action.

Happy Wade is a prime example of responsible firearm ownership in action. The video which caught the dramatic rescue went viral. It’s amazing how far an adrenaline charged husband can throw a bobcat. The jogging neighbor was impressed.

As the video shows, things looked pretty normal in Burgaw, North Carolina, with a neighbor causally jogging by as the armed homeowner and his wife prepared to load one of their vehicles with the family cat, on the way for a trip to the vet.

It was safely in it’s protective carrier and the only family member to escape injury in the sudden attack. Apparently, the feline was the target. A fast moving ball of fluff, later determined to be a rabid bobcat, streaked from across the street to attack Kristi from behind between the two parked cars. Happy heard a growl and knew it was one unhappy cat but it didn’t sound like theirs.

A very angry cat

Kristi knows what a cat sounds like. “As I came out of our garage, I heard a growl beside one of our cars, and I knew it was a cat because I know what a cat sounds like, but it sounded like a very angry cat.”

It climbed her like a kitty-condo. The cat streaked “up Kristi’s back, leaving her with several puncture wounds, scratches, and bite marks.” She screamed. It’s a good thing her husband was armed.

As soon as he heard the commotion, Happy ran to the rescue. “I just remember seeing this face, and it was trying to bite her right there on the side of the neck. And so I shoved my arm in, and that’s how I ended up with it.” It was one of those cases where if you stop to think, it’s too late.

In this case, he went for non-lethal defense. Once he got a good look at what was clawing at his arm in panic, he realized, “oh my god, it’s a Bobcat.” He a proceeded athletically to hurl the critter across his lawn and uncomfortably close to the jogger. Who stood in stunned amazement. Then he had good cause to escalate to an armed response.

The bobcat launched itself right back into the fray as Happy “then pulled out a small handgun” promising, “I’ll shoot that f—er.” He knew something was really wrong with it. The equally armed sheriff’s deputy, who arrives soon after, agreed and shot it as well.

Now all the PETA demonstrators will be camping on the sidewalk. After tests at the official lab confirmed the animal was infected with rabies, both of the Wades had to be treated for the disease, which involves a series of 30 incredibly painful injections each.

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