Antifa and Proud Boy A** Whoopin Frenzy Erupts on the Streets

antifa proud boy brawl

Dueling protests in Los Angeles led to Antifa terrorists getting their butts whooped by alleged Proud Boys as a chaotic brawl broke out on August 14th outside of Los Angeles City Hall.

A video of the incident, which has been age-restricted and therefore cannot be shared in this article, shows the chaotic fight between the “Choose Freedom March” protestors and Antifa terrorists at a so-called “No Safe Space for Fascists” counter-protest.

The “Choose Freedom March” attendees were protesting against mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports, and Antifa showed up to support government tyranny, labeling anyone who opposes them as “fascists.”

During the brawl, one member of the “Choose Freedom March” group was stabbed, and several others were injured. Injuries on the Antifa side were not reported, as many of them ran away.

The “Choose Freedom March” protestors arrived at City Hall at around 2 p.m. for a planned rally, while a few dozen Antifa terrorists amassed around the corner.



A half hour into the planned rally, the two groups met and began to brawl at 1st and Spring Street.

Videos show the chaos that ensued among the dueling protests, with pro-freedom demonstrators calling out the protestors as “Antifa” and shouting “unmask them” and “get pictures of all these clowns.”

Antifa is known for hiding their faces, and they often send death threats to journalists who share their pictures, especially the Editor-at-Large of the Post Millennial, Andy Ngo, who often shares their mug shots on Twitter.

When police arrived, the pro-freedom protestors began to disperse, still chanting “USA!”

One protestor can also be heard telling his side to “let the cops do their job.”

Luckily, police at the scene were able to separate the groups and establish a skirmish line to prevent further clashes.

According to LAPD Captain Stacy Spell, organizers from the “Choose Freedom March” secured a permit for their rally. Spell also noted that police are actively investigating the brawl.

“We are on scene to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and people gathered for the permitted event. We are aware of one male that was stabbed and is being treated by Fire Department personnel. No arrests have been made but [the] investigation is ongoing,” the police captain said.

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