Fani Willis DEFEATED… Trump Scores HUGE Win in Classified Documents Case

Fani Willis
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

Donald Trump has had a bad string of luck in court at times, but that all seems to be changing for him.

He just found out that the case against him by Fulton County DA Fani Willis is unlikely to ever go to court.

That is because his appeal to have her removed from the case has finally been scheduled for October.

Sorry, Fani

Judge McAfee had already ruled that Willis could remain on the case as long as she got rid of Nathan Wade, her “former” lover, who had been assigned the case.

In his ruling, however, McAfee left the door open for the appeal to be filed, and Trump and his co-defendants eventually filed the appeal.

McAfee ruled, ”[T]he established record now highlights a significant appearance of impropriety that infects the current structure of the prosecution team — an appearance that must be removed through the State’s selection of one of two options.”

Those options, as we noted above, were for Willis to be removed or to remove Wade, and they chose the latter.

The court has set October 4 as the date for the RICO case, so regardless of that decision, it will be too close to the election for the court to schedule a new date.

So, the chances of this case ever seeing the inside of a courtroom are pretty slim now.

If Trump wins this election, I highly doubt this case would be scheduled before Trump takes office, and since a sitting president cannot be put on trial, that means Willis would have to wait four years to get her shot at Trump.

The only real way for this to go to court would be for Willis to voluntarily withdraw from the case, rendering the appeal moot, and then allow her replacement to try to schedule the case before the election.

Willis being Willis, I don’t see her giving up her time in the spotlight to do that.

And believe me, if this case was about “justice,” as she would love everyone to believe, she would step aside and allow that to happen.

But I think we all know by now that Willis loves the limelight entirely too much to step aside and allow someone else to grab the glory.

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