Election Officials Now Sounding the Alarm in Nevada…Staggering Amount of Discrepancies Exposed


The election fraud in Nevada was so obvious that it can’t possibly be covered up, so voting administrators are sounding the alarm. Democrat election officials are scrambling to explain how so many discrepancies occurred in just one County Commissioner race that they can’t declare a winner. The big problem is that every one of those votes also affects the presidential totals. President Trump won in a landslide before the New World Order tried to steal the election out from under him.

Nevada had too many discrepancies

Election officials aren’t happy to report that 936 “discrepancies” popped up in the race for Clark County Commissioner. Voters wonder if the casinos use the same tactics, considering that Las Vegas is part of that county. The Western Journal was first to report that the errors in just this one Nevada county call the entire election into question.

The Registrar of Voters for Clark County, Joe Gloria, went to the press and admitted that “the results of a county-wide canvass showed 936 total discrepancies, including 710 in mail precincts, 121 in early voting precincts and 105 in Election Day precincts.” That isn’t good. The ratio also highlights something Democrats don’t want to admit. Mail in ballots are a lot more susceptible to tampering. According to the Nevada official, the state tried to illegally count “canceled votes,” along with ones issued by voters with “reactivated voter cards” and despite “check-in errors at polling places.”

The fraud in Clark County will have repercussions across the nation, as explained by an attorney and Republican Party politician who served as the 33rd Nevada Attorney General. Adam Paul Laxalt posted his opinion on social media. “The Clark County Commission just threw out an election that represents almost 1/6 of the total votes cast in Clark County because there were too many ‘discrepancies’ to be sure that that the results in that election can be certain.”

Can’t hide the fraud

The reason why they can’t hide the election fraud in Clark County is because the County Commissioner race only had Democrats running. After they pulled out the flagged ballots, there wasn’t a clear winner. When you take a closer look at how that happened, the fraud stands out like a neon sign. As Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall relates, “Donald Trump won the state of Nevada after you account for the fraud and irregularities that occurred in the election.”

Team Trump has “We have declaration from over 400 people” who live in Nevada who swear under oath that “this fraud existed.” President Donald Trump couldn’t wait to send a tweet. “The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!”

The Trump legal team is seriously on the offensive. Daily news conferences have been offending liberals speechless. Rudy Giuliani had progressive heads exploding when he announced that there are “more than double” the number of votes needed to overturn the election in terms of “provable, illegal ballots.” Along with Nevada, the fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona is all being carefully documented and prosecuted in court. Co-Counsel Sidney Powell is all set to release the Kraken. “We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

  1. I’m on their side but as a former election official…they need to prove it in a court of law and they are running out of time.

    1. Biden advertised that they had set up the most extensive fraud ever before election. I have the picture of him saying those words. Would love to get it to Rudy if anyone knows how.

  2. It’s come to the point where the thrust of voter fraud investigations need to look less at states where fraud occured than to see if there are any states where fraud did NOT occur.

  3. Thank God for Sydney >powell, Rudy giuliani, D Genova & wife, Jena, Kaighley, levin, Hannity, and others who are digging deep to show the REAL EVIDENCE of FRAUD! Why do you think Biden sat out the campaign? He knew it was rigged & didnt have to work for it. All planned out, for months and months, Also Biden himself SAID and its on video, They had put together the biggest Fraud organization ever in the political US history,!
    His words, not mine.!!!! That video alone should prove hes a FRAUD a LIAR and as always a CHEATER.! and Illegitimate candidate much les president.

    1. Agreed, and until we have a new election with auditable paper ballots, ID’s required, absentee ballots with controls and as requested, not wholesale mailed out like Nevada did. People did not get mail-in ballots, others got them for people who had died, people who did not live at an address, etc. The planned fraud, perpetrated by the Nevada legislature worked. The election should be cancelled and start over, extending the transition date as necessary.

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