Sidney Powell ‘We are Fixing to OVERTURN the Results of Election in Multiple States’

Sidney Powell 'We are Fixing to OVERTURN the Results of Election in Multiple States'

Attorney Sidney Powell has announced: “we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.” Powell, who is now part of the legal team investigating election fraud for the Trump campaign, said on Sunday that she has found “massive election fraud” resulting from software produced by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic.

Powell claims that votes cast through Dominion/Smartmatic were “wiped away.”

Dominion Voting Systems is denying these allegations in a message on its website, which states that the company b”categorically denies false assertions about vote switching issues.”

In a statement on its website, Smartmatic says it “has never provided Dominion Voting Systems with any software, hardware or other technology. The two companies are competitors in the marketplace.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Powell said that retired Admiral Peter Neffenger is president and a board member of Smartmatic:

“And it just so happens he’s on Mr. Biden’s presidential transition team that’s going to be nonexistent, because we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.

And President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. He was fully briefed on it. He saw it happen in other countries.

It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind Smartmatic and Dominion. They did this on purpose. It was calculated. They have done it before. We have evidence from 2016 in California. We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

Bartiromo told Powell that he has very little time to prove fraud, since the election is supposed to be certified in early December:

“Well, let me put it this way,” Powell said.

“First of all, I never say anything I can’t prove. Secondly, the evidence is coming in so fast, I can’t even process it all. Millions of Americans have written, I would say, by now. Definitely, hundreds of thousands have stepped forward with their different experiences of voter fraud.

But this is a massive election fraud, and I’m very concerned it involved not only Dominion and its Smartmatic software, but that the software essentially was used by other election machines also. It’s the software that was the problem.

Even their own manual explains how votes can be wiped away. They can put — it’s like drag-and-drop — Trump votes to a separate folder and then delete that folder. It’s absolutely brazen how people bought this system and why they bought this system.

In fact, every state that bought Dominion, for sure, should have a criminal investigation or at least a serious investigation of the federal — of the officers in the states who bought the software. We have even got evidence of some kickbacks, essentially.”

Powell told the Fox News anchor that she is collecting evidence from several whistleblowers, who are “aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software.”

The Trump campaign attorney also expressed anger at the government for ignoring complaints about the voting software, mentioning that even Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Amy Klobuchar were concerned about it in the past. Warren and Klobuchar both complained in 2019 about “secretive and trouble-plagued companies that are responsible for manufacturing and maintaining voting machines and other election administration equipment,” but have “skimped on security…leaving voting systems across the country prone to security problems,” including vote switching.

Powell also mentioned that Dominion’s manual,  “if you sat down and read it, would explain how and why no honest person would use this system. And it’s not just Dominion. There are other companies in the voting machine business in this country, too, that may very well and are likely using the same software.”

“We have detected voting irregularities that are inexplicable and aligned with these problems in other states that think they have valid systems. But the people who bought the Dominion system, for sure, knew exactly what they were getting. It should never have been installed anywhere. And we are going to show the public exactly how rotten the entire state is,” Powell continued.

According to Powell, “They can watch votes in real time. They can shift votes in real time. We have identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and planned to use from the beginning to modify the votes, in this case, to make sure Biden won…And they can do anything they want with the votes. They can have the machines not read the signature. They can have the machines not read the down-ballot. They can make the machines read and catalog only the Biden vote.”

“It’s like drag-and-drop whatever you want, wherever you want, upload votes,” she added.

The Trump campaign attorney called it “massive election fraud” that’s “going to undo the entire election.”

“In fact, we have got math in Michigan and Pennsylvania, I think it is, that, all of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of votes at a 67 percent ratio for Biden, 23 percent for Trump were uploaded multiple times into the system,” she continued.

Powell also told Bartiromo that she has a sworn statement from a witness who knows exactly how the alleged fraud was conducted.

President Trump, in a string of tweets over the weekend, wrote in all caps: “I WON THE ELECTION!”

He also alleged that there were serious problems with Dominion Voting Systems, which he said was “turned down by Texas and many others because it was not good or secure.”

“Why does the Fake News Media continuously assume that Joe Biden will ascend to the Presidency, not even allowing our side to show, which we are just getting ready to do, how badly shattered and violated our great Constitution has been in the 2020 Election,” the president tweeted on Sunday.

“It was attacked, perhaps like never before! From large numbers of Poll Watchers that were thrown out of vote counting rooms in many of our States, to millions of ballots that have been altered by Democrats, only for Democrats, to voting after the Election was over, to using Radical Left owned Dominion Voting Systems, turned down by Texas and many others because it was not good or secure, those responsible for the safeguarding of our Constitution cannot allow the Fake results of the 2020 Mail-In Election to stand. The World is watching!” President Trump added.

  1. Cheaters never prosper That is what should be told to these stupid bastards the demoRats They have done what the world would never have thought They cheated just like the communist countries I am here to tell you that if they put Biden in office there will be a fight and I am not talking about in the courts The people that love this country will never swallow this poison the liberal morons are trying to spread They have their little punks the blm and antifa They are just pieces of shit that need to find out what fighting is really about I do believe that there will be no mercy on these ignorant drones our school systems have put out If they had a lick of sense they would see they are only being used

    1. “Cheaters never prosper”????? REALLY?!?!
      How about the Clintons? They have been cheating(and murdering) their whole political lives!
      And man have they prospered!!!

  2. The Democrat Party sold their selves to Satan when they voted God out of their platform in 2012, and there was Satan to fill the void that God left when he was voted or booted out. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy.” Jesus said, “That Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies.” You don’t have to be a genius to know who the Democrat Party’s father is, Satan. The Democrat Party is like Hunter Biden’s laptop, the laptop from hell, the Party from hell. My wife , who is what the Bilble states, is a Prophetess, that God told her, “That He (God) has sent the Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media a Spirit of a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and be damned, because they loved unrighteousness and not the truth.” When God sends you a strong delusion there is NO preacher, pastor, priest, or pope that can deliver you or change God’s mind. In the Bible read Romans the 9th chapter of what God did to Pharaoh.

  3. I wonder how many of the dumbacroocks that are in office for years got there the same way
    Everyone of them involved in this crooked act should be put in jail for a long time
    Can we even trust the election process anymore

  4. I have read both sides and the democratic stories are bogus and filled with lies. But I will believe the fraudulent democratic election overturned when it happens. It should happen at the supreme court level.

  5. I would call this treason and it`s time to die. They have been getting away with this for years and there should be consequences. The same for people murdering people out on the streets. Bring back the death penalty now.

  6. If not to rig the election why would this country use an election system that is designed to rig elections? Sydney Powell has experts and people involved in the system development that has sworn to this under oath!

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