Don’t Call Those Hoodlums Raiding Shops a ‘Mob’ Mayor Insists


Don’t call it a “mob” Chicago’s new mayor, Brandon Johnson, insists. He becomes highly offended when you slap that label on “large gatherings” of disadvantaged but heavily armed local youth. They’re just out looting neighborhood convenience stores for kicks. He’s more angry that people use that word than the fact criminals are officially allowed to terrorize the neighborhood.

Not a mob

Don’t call it a mob!” The new mayor exclaims. It’s amazing that Chicago voters would replace soft on crime Lori Lightfoot with someone even softer on crime but they did.

He stands solidly behind gun control but refuses to prosecute the criminals who carry and use them. That’s racist and discriminatory against disadvantaged people of color who must loot and hijack to survive.

Staunchly loyal Democrat Brandon Johnson “blasted efforts to condemn young criminals when he rejected a reporter’s use of the word ‘mob‘ to describe dozens of looters on Wednesday.

He gave an August 2 press conference “following the arrest of forty people between the ages of 12-20 for reckless conduct misdemeanors in Chicago’s South Loop Sunday night.” Just another case of boys being boys, he insists.

Local residents seem to be confused about the difference between the terms. When you have “approximately 300-400 people gathered” that’s not considered a mob in Chicago even when they began “to take part in ‘disorderly‘ behavior and attempted to loot a convenience store.

The “attempt” was rather successful. That, even Let’s Go Brandon Johnson admits, is a “large gathering.

The proper term

Instead of ordering the few police officers the city hasn’t defunded out of existence to start arresting criminals, then ordering prosecutors to charge them and take them to trial, the mayor wants to ignore the youth.

He hopes they’ll grow out of the anarchy phase before the city burns to the again. They have a right to act out a little so please don’t call these large gatherings a mob. That word has such “criminal” and violent connotations to it.

One reporter didn’t get the memo and Brandon blasted off. The journalist quizzed about the massive mob. “No, that’s not appropriate,” Johnson scolded. “We’re not talking about mob action. I didn’t say that.

Well, most people would consider a large gathering of looters inside a convenience store a mob, the mayor definitely does not.

Respectfully, these large gatherings–these large gatherings–hang on a second. I promise you we have time to talk,” he told the pesky press snoop. “It’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way. This is not to obfuscate what has actually taken place. We have to be very careful when we use language to describe certain behavior. There’s history in this city. I mean, to refer to children as like baby Al Capones is not appropriate.

Some of these kids are armed better and more vicious than Capone but he doesn’t see it that way. You can’t demonize youth, he insists, by calling them a mob, “following another night of mobs attacking the city.

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