DOJ Arrests Over 700 Organized Crime Members


Thanks to the DOJ, over 700 hard core MS-13 gangsters are safely behind bars. Attorney General William Barr teamed up with his Central American counterparts to announce the results of a major anti-drug, organized crime crackdown.

DOJ press statement released

The Department of Justice put out a press statement detailing the DOJ assistance to clean up a global organized crime syndicate which has tentacles across North and South America and affect life here in the United States.

Senior law enforcement officials from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been real busy with our help to crack down hard on gangs like MS-13 and 18th Street.

The number one reason that folks from Central America have been claiming asylum here in the United States, expecting to get it legally or illegally based on Barack Obama’s promises, is because life in their home countries is so darn dangerous.

The DOJ decided that along with deporting everyone back where they belong, we should do our part to help stop the violence. In 2017, the justice department put the wheels in motion. They just rolled over MS-13 like a bulldozer.

More than 700 members of transnational criminal organizations are in detention. Most are members of MS-13 and 18th Street gangs. All were rounded up in the course of the past week under the DOJ sponsored Operational Regional Shield.

The program hooks gang prosecutors and investigators from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the United States together so they can compare notes and plan joint operations.

Coordinated investigations

The coordinated multi-country investigations are finally paying off with simultaneous mass operations across Latin America to drag the violent criminals off the streets.

In Honduras, they dragged in a police commissioner along with a police deputy inspector, and three law enforcement agents. The DOJ says they were all involved in human smuggling between Central America and the states.

All of those arrested have been charged with human smuggling, money laundering and illegal association to commit a crime.

Attorney General Barr noted that the DOJ is “committed to continued collaboration in locating and arresting gang members and associates engaged in transnational crimes. Our countries are made safer by working together to protect national security and to ensure public safety in our neighborhoods.”

El Salvador was where most of the action happened this week. After their prosecutors filed charges against “1,152 members of organized crime groups in the country, primarily MS-13 and 18th Street Gangs,” the crackdown began.

Within hours, the DOJ relates, “the National Civil Police had captured 572 of the defendants for charges involving terrorism, murder, extortion, kidnapping, vehicle theft, robbery, conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, weapons violations, human trafficking and human smuggling.” The agencies keep all the cash, guns, and equipment for themselves.

  1. When I saw the headline that the DOJ had arrested 700 members of organized crime I said, “Barr is doing his job after all, his DOJ arrested 700 election workers, all Democrats.” Nope. Can’t touch that.

  2. This is great to hear. These gangs/cartels continue to reek havoc, illegal activities, corrupt authorities and more…they need to be brought down..neutralized. God bless those who had the heart to take down, thank you!👍🏽

  3. Perhaps it’s time to execute these demons posing as humans. That would be a start, so they cannot ‘recruit’ others while in prisons.

  4. Thanks for the update on A.G. Barr’s,, attempt to clamp down on the global organized crime syndicate. It’s about time. My concern now is if Biden succeeds, by way of massive fraud, in becoming president…then we’re probably talking about 700 new illegals on their way to U.S. Citizenship…with all the freebies thrown in on the way – that We the People pay for! Assuming the SCOTUS decides to hear our case, let us pray that Sidney, Rudi, Jenna, Joe, Victoria and Lin have gathered sufficient evidence (#KrakenOnSteroids) to prove fraud – especially when it comes to Dominioin and Smartmatic – …and beyond a reasonable doubt.

  5. Funny how you can find these guys hiding but you couldn’t find anything on hillary , obama and old joe for their corruption in our government or with the voters fraud . Funny how that works

  6. Had these arrests been in government it would have been something noteworthy but is just a minor inconvenience to organized crime! It’s beginning to look like the DOJ and FBI may be in on the election fraud!

  7. Animals

    This accusation is just the latest
    In a list that’s miles long
    Uttered in liberal protest
    Delivering context deliberately wrong
    When reprimanding the president
    Citing the ‘spark of divinity’
    Pelosi and the press misrepresent
    Knowing Trump was describing MS-13
    Who are not human beings
    But are animals* like he said-
    Murdering, raping and savagely beating
    Grotesquely tattooed about the face and head.
    He was not talking about
    Those who are clearly people
    Who too beyond a shadow of doubt
    Whose presence here is not legal
    But those among us who willfully lie
    For their own design and purpose
    Count on those who don’t question why
    To toe the line in compliant service
    Just like they’ve done so dependably
    Oh so many times before
    When those who can lie conspiratorially
    Deleting the question that came before*
    When NBC twisted the 911 call
    That Zimmerman made before the fight
    When he was attacked while on patrol
    With his Neighborhood Watch that night.
    Then later on still after that
    Outside St. Louis in Ferguson, Missouri
    “Hands up, don’t shoot” is the lie* that
    Was propagated and became their story.
    Bounding back in time a bit
    During the rise of the Tea Party
    They took a picture and cropped it
    To omit the race of one with an AR-15
    Oh my freakin’ goodness!
    When will you ever stop?!
    And Nancy, the view that you possess
    Of the ‘divine spark’ is the cherry on top!
    Because of course he does
    He is pro-life after all
    And your reference is wrong because
    Your stance advances abortionists cause
    And extinguishes the divine spark
    That ignites a child’s conception
    You criticism stands stark
    And purely hypocritical without exception
    Just like your seated protest plan
    During the State of the Union address
    When every democrat failed to stand
    For sympathy to those parents express
    For their dead children who were slain*
    By the animals of MS-13 who you claim
    The dignity and worth of to be protecting.

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