DETAILS: Large Cache of Guns Unearthed


Phoenix Police Department has reported that fifteen minutes from the Arizona Capitol complex a hidden cache of rifles and submachine guns was discovered buried in a duffel bag. Cursory examination of the image reveals a Galil rifle with a folding stock,  an SBR M4 carbine, with MAC-11 and MAC-10 subcompact machine pistols. These rifles, pistols and magazines were discovered by homeowners Sunday evening near 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road when they dug a hole to plant a tree. When the homeowners made the shocking discovery they contacted Phoenix PD.

The Phoenix Police are now investigating whether or not the guns were used in any crimes. According to AZFamily,

“The family who owns the home has lived there for four years. Prior to that, neighbors say renters came and went. Neighbors also say the home was abandoned for about a year with frequent break-ins.”

Multiple neighbors told reporters that the home had been abandoned for a year with frequent break-ins.

“There was a lot of vandalism. They had broken walls and graffiti. I think one time they even had like a little party and I think the cops have come to shut it down,” says neighbor Yajaira Enriquez.

“We’re very thankful for the family who called this in, to make sure that if they are connected later to something, obviously related to a crime that we have justice for that family as well,” says Sgt. Mercedes Fortune with the Phoenix Police Department.

Police said because of the condition of the guns (We know, we’re still crying about it too…), it will take a while to recover serial numbers to determine if they belong to someone. However, most Arizonans seeing the post had a fairly consistent response the revelation of the extremely expensive (one twitter user estimated $3k or more)… and devastatingly (more like heart-breakingly) rusted cache of firearms.

Many commenters also questioned if the cache was accompanied by any money that the homeowners may not have disclosed. Granted, that’s probably not the case, be we can hope so.

A few Twitter Responses from Arizonans About the Guns

Followers of Phoenix PD’s Twitter account didn’t disappoint, this is one of the stories where the reactions to it truly steal the show. But hey it could’ve been worse, at least they didn’t find any 2020 ballots buried back there… (Too soon?)



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