Democrat Caught in Massive Sex Scandal


Looks like we’ve just caught yet another Democrat in a massive sex scandal…and this one comes soon after Democrat candidate, Susanna Gibson, was outed for posting sexual content online. Now, Courtney Casgraux, a congressional candidate from Oregon, has had her past come back to haunt her.

An anonymous video of Casgraux working as a Manhattan dominatrix was posted online. The 41 year old Huntington Beach native was shocked and horrified by the incident – but rather than let it keep her down, she has embraced her raunchy former life.

Casgraux is a single mother-of-one who has been involved in advocacy work for years. She taught puberty and menstruation courses at LA Boys and Girls Club, as well as trained displaced and trafficked women in technical trades through another LA-based nonprofit.

Now, she wants to represent Portland’s western suburbs.

In addition to her advocacy work over the years, Casgraux worked as a dominatrix in her 20s and 30s – charging clients $500 per hour for services rendered. Even more recently, during the pandemic while staying with a friend in the Bronx, she returned to this profession at Donatella’s Dungeon on Sixth Avenue and West 39th Street.

Rather than letting this devastating event ruin her future political ambitions, Casgraux decided to use it to “reclaim her sexuality” by creating a Playboy profile where she sells sexy pictures of herself for up to $150 each – all while still posting weightier content such as explanations of presidential powers or views on America’s small farms industry.

Though only 13 donors have contributed so far (raising $757), she plans on forging ahead with her campaign which focuses on voting rights and abortion rights along with reversing Oregon’s wide decriminalization of drugs.

Though winning the seat held by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici would be incredible according to Casgraux, that isn’t what it’s all about for her – instead she hopes that by telling her story other women will feel empowered too: “If I can make one woman feel like there’s no shame in your past … you too can run for Congress,” said Casgraux encouragingly.

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