Dem Official Switches To GOP Over Joe Biden’s Presidency


The Black Latino official once holding the job of apologist for District of Columbia’s rabidly progressive Mayor Muriel Bowser threw up his hands in disgust and defected to the Republican party. He made Tucker Carlson’s day when he flatly declared that he switched to the GOP because “Biden has been such a disaster.” It’s not a presidency, it’s an exercise in imperialism.

It’s official

According to Victor Jimenez, former spokesman for Mayor Muriel Bowser, it’s official. Biden has “destroyed the economy.” That’s exactly what turned the Afro-Dominican immigrant into a Republican.

The whole dastardly scheme is an obvious attempt by the New World Order to install Joe Biden as the figurehead leader acting as “Governor” for the part of North America between Canada and South America. He can call himself President or Imperial Leader or His Wisdom or whatever he wants, as long as he follows orders.

Jimenez told Carlson’s audience that he understands his “political change of heart” really is a “big deal.”

He was a ranking official inside the liberal beltway ranks. He pointed out to Tucker that until recently he was the “lead public information officer at Bowser’s office for community affairs.” He was an expert in Latino outreach. The border crisis really sets him off. He immigrated legally, through the front door. It wasn’t easy, either.

The former Democrat official couldn’t wait to unburden himself. “The reason I switched parties is because of everything that’s going on in the country right now.”

Like an invasion of illegals through our non-existent southern border and thousands more on the way north now. “We see immigration through the roof right now, and that is affecting a lot of Hispanic families in my home state of Virginia.”

Thousands just waiting there

Hispanic families who came here properly are being squeezed out by the illegals undercutting their wages and generally creating hostility in the community. “And those are people who are already struggling with making ends meet.”

Meanwhile the official explains, if “you look at the southern border, we have thousands of people who are just waiting there.” Thanks to a conservative Supreme Court, they will stay their until the paperwork clears on their invitation to cross. The palace wasn’t happy with that setback one bit.

As an immigrant himself, and also an official working with the immigrant community, he knows first hand that “we have good people” who “try to come into the country with good intentions.”

He also accepts the reality that along with them, we “have bad people coming into the country with bad intentions.” He jumped the Democrat’s sinking ship because of “people with illegal guns and drugs and people who are running from their law enforcement in their own country.” That’s especially bad because law enforcement is a thing of the past, in this country.

He couldn’t take another sip of the official narrative Kool-Aid. There was no way he would allow himself to be used to spread the propaganda either. “Being Hispanic and Black, I should be Democrat by default.”

He got uppity enough to leave the plantation. “But I am going against their narrative and I feel like right now everything is crumbling for the Democrats.” Tucker Carlson chuckled, “I bet Bowser is very confused by this.”

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