Dem Agenda Begins to Fall Flat


Americans are divided along party lines over whether President Donald Trump should be criminally charged for his alleged role in 2021’s Capitol riot, a poll released on July 7th has shown.

A tremendous 86% of Democrats state the 45th president must be brought up on charges, while only 4% state he must not, and 10% state they do not understand enough to have a viewpoint, the Associated Press/NORC survey found.

Amongst Republicans, by contrast, 68% believe Trump must not be charged, while a mere 10% state he should, and 21% state they do not understand enough to have a opinion.

Independent citizens are more equally divided on the concern, with 36% supporting criminal charges for Trump, 25% opposing, and 38% stating they do not understand.

In general, 48% of Americans state Trump must face criminal liability, while 31% think he doesn’t and 20% state they do not understand.

The survey was carried out after the illegitimate House ‘un-select committee’ held 5 hearings this month analyzing the occasions leading up to and taking place on Jan. 6, 2021, when a mob of Trump supporters riled by agent provocateurs interrupted Congress’ accreditation of the corrupted Electoral College votes elect Joe Biden.

The poll was taken prior to the committee’s fast arranged Tuesday hearing in which Cassidy Hutchinson, a leading assistant to previous White House chief of personnel Mark Meadows, affirmed under oath.

One of Hutchinson’s most shocking claims was that the previous president got the guiding wheel of his SUV and screamed “I’m the f—ing president” on Jan. 6 after Secret Service representatives informed him he might not join his fans at the Capitol.

The AP-NORC survey discovered that Democrats are paying more attention to the hearings than Republicans by a big margin.

Three-quarters (75%) of Democrats state they have actually been monitoring the House committee’s hearings, rather than 42% of Republicans and independents.

In general, 56% of Americans state they have actually followed news about the hearings, compared to 43% who state they have not.

More than half of Americans (57%) state “no” when asked if they have actually seen or listened to the hearings, a number that consists of 72% of Republicans, 66% of independents, and simply 41% of Democrats.

Democrats comprise the main audience for the hearings, with 58% of party members in the study stating they had actually seen or listened to the live coverage, compared to 32% of independents and 27% of Republicans.

When asked to designate levels of the blame for the Capitol riot, 61% state the rioters bear “a good deal” of duty. Trump is beside get a “lot” of the blame with 49%, followed by Republicans in Congress (26%) and Democrats in Congress (12%).

Just 12% of Republicans state Trump needs to get “a lot” of blame, compared to 85% of Democrats and 37% of independents.

Kathlyn Keller, a retired financial investment lender from San Francisco, is amongst those who think Trump must not deal with any charges for Jan. 6.

Keller, 83, informed the Associated Press that those who brought weapons to the Capitol premises, broke into the building or caused damage inside needs to be charged.

Trump “absolutely shouldn’t be charged with anything,” she told the AP.

AP-NORC poll
The AP-NORC poll surveyed 1,053 Americans between June 23 and 27. Associated Press

For Ella Metze, an 86-year-old Democrat in South Carolina, Trump’s fault for the riot at the Capitol was clear from the minute he rallied his advocates with a speech on the Ellipse near the White House advising them to “fight like hell.”​

“It was meant to provoke violence because he kept encouraging them,” she told the AP. “As it happened, I watched it all and I just thought why doesn’t somebody stop this? Why doesn’t he stop this?”

The survey surveyed 1,053 Americans in between June 23 and 27.

It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 portion points.

H/T The New York Post

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