Cop Killer Gets Caught Up, then…BANG BANG, He’s Dead


“No matter where he is, he’s gonna get caught,” the police chief promised, then achieved. Cop killer Jordan Jackson saved Henry County, Georgia the cost of a trial, by shooting himself as police closed in. He’s been on the run since November 4, when he fatally shot Officer Paramhans Desai.

Cop killer’s easy way out

When investigators got a tip Tuesday night that the suspected cop killer “was hiding out with friends in an apartment complex located in the 6700-block of Church Street,” the price on 22-year-old Jordan Jackson’s head was up to $70,000.

One of those “friends” was likely the rat who turned him in.

After confirming intelligence of the suspects whereabouts, at around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 9, officers carefully moved in.

The team “from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, the Clayton SWAT unit, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, and the Georgia State Patrol” conducted basic cop surveillance on Jackson and his buddies “while nearby residents were evacuated.”

The cop killer had “barricaded himself in a room” by the time the SWAT team kicked the apartment door in. According to Henry Police Chief Mark Amerman, law enforcement officers “were just feet away from Jackson when he fatally shot himself prior to being captured.”

The suspect had no illusions about what his future had in store for him, as consequences for (allegedly) brutally murdering a police officer.

A warning to criminals

“Let this be a warning and reminder to anyone contemplating any crime let alone a crime of this magnitude where it involves one of our own,” Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett warns.

“It doesn’t matter how many days it takes, how much sleep we lose, we will hunt you down and find you.” Cop killers get extra-special treatment. “To the family of Officer Desai, this will not take away the pain but, hopefully, they can get some rest and start the healing process.”

Last week, on November 4, at approximately 6 p.m., Henry County police were dispatched to a report of a domestic disturbance in the area of Floresta Drive and Keys Ferry Road in McDonough. The first cop on the scene was Officer Desai and he “was attempting to arrest Jackson when Jackson opened fire on him.”

A witness relates “all of us all a sudden heard two gunshots. I looked straight forward and that’s when I saw the officer’s hand go over his chest. He fell straight back on the driveway, I turned around, told my son to run. We all three ran. Hid in a neighbor’s garage.”

An aggravated assault warrant was issued for the cop killer as Officer Desai was rushed to Piedmont Henry Hospital. His wounds were too bad for them, so they “diverted to the Grady Memorial Hospital trauma center.”

He tenaciously hung on to life until “he succumbed to his wounds Monday night.” The “17-year law enforcement veteran, served with the Georgia Department of Corrections and the DeKalb County Police Department prior to joining the HCSO in October of last year.” He also “leaves behind his wife and two young children.”

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  1. COWARDS always shoot from ambush and they almost always end up taking their own lives because they ARE COWARDS. May he rot in HELL

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