Controversy Exposed as the Fight Blazes Out of Control


Parents with children in private Francis Parker School are divided on the appropriateness of some “educational aides” which the administration chose for classroom use. Project Veritas blew the lid off a school sex-toy controversy and the firestorm of back-and-forth argument has been blazing out of control ever since. There seems to be a general consensus coming out of it though. No matter what the teacher or third-parties bring up for discussion, sex “toys” don’t belong in the classroom. What if it were an AR-15 they brought in for show and tell?

Parents agree on one thing

Not all the parents dropping big bucks to send their offspring to Francis Parker are upset about the Project Veritas exposé. The administration remains firmly behind their beloved dean of student life Joe Bruno. They’re furious with the way James O’Keefe ambushed him with questions on their front steps recently.

The video, they claim, was “edited” to remove needed context. Even with the context firmly back in place, at least a few guardians are still upset. Also, many of the families who side with the school on the subject matter are still uncomfortable with butt plugs and dildos being passed around for detailed use demonstrations.

Since the video first aired, parents learned a lot more of the details, including the “context” which the school insists is so important. The teacher thought he was talking to a fellow educator after a conference and had no idea he was being recorded.

Joe Bruno went into enthusiastic detail about the sex-toy lesson. The school points out that it was a “one-time session.” They admit the lesson “included showing high school students dildos and butt plugs.” The special event was attended by “just six students, mostly seniors.” It had been “presented by an outside LGBTQ+ health group” and “school adults were present.

In their defense, school administrators note, “the health care practitioners presented information and materials related to safe sex practices which were designed to combat misinformation on the internet.

Parents still want to know what butt plug and dildo use demonstrations have to do with “safe sex practices” or combating “misinformation?” The experts “provided information in a clear and respectful manner aimed to meet the specific needs of our Upper School LGBTQ+ students.” Needs like choosing lube or spit.

A little too far

Parker is a private school but they aren’t alone in teaching “a comprehensive sex-education curriculum.” With Sam Brinton making headlines for stealing his luggage collection, it turns out he was also a big part of creating the liberal education curriculum.

Parents may be arguing over the general need for sex education in the first place, as well as what subjects are covered. Even so, there are progressives out there who think passing around butt plugs in class goes a little too far.

Some of the parents are still upset after hearing all the explanations. They’re even more upset because the school is trying to pretend conservatives don’t exist.

One group told local news “they don’t think sex toys in the high school are appropriate and are upset Parker hasn’t publicly acknowledged that some parents see it as an issue. One parent said several families they know consider Bruno’s behavior and the school’s response to it disrespectful to the school community.

Parent Jeffrey Carter has two kids in the school. He thinks the sex toy lesson should be provided by parents. Teachers, he notes, “can talk about them, but students should only see them at home, at the parent’s discretion. This isn’t show and tell.” To drive home the point, he flipped the script around.

Suppose those weren’t dildos. Suppose Mr. Bruno was someone from the NRA and they were guns. The feeling that is creeping into your gut and that hot rush of anger that is making your blood boil is the same feeling a lot of parents get when they hear kids are being educated by a gay man about sex toys.” He wouldn’t support that either but he does make a solid point.

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