Compromised Voting Machines Found During Raid!


State police raided a western Michigan township as part of an investigation into reports of unapproved access to voting machines after the 2020 presidential election. According to CNN, the agency opened an investigation into voting machine breaches in February after finding out that an unnamed third party was given access to the vote tabulator components and underlying equipment in one Michigan county.

Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll informed the media that his department is broadening the investigation into more counties after they were alerted of additional breaches.

Irving Township issued a statement saying:

“The Township intends to fully cooperate with law enforcement, and the Township attorneys have been in contact with the Michigan State Police regarding this matter. The Township has no further comment at this time.”

Just The News reported:

Michigan State Police seized a voting machine as part of an investigation into possible unauthorized access to election equipment.

The Western Journal also covered this incident and provided more details:

Michigan’s investigation into whether post-election breaches of voting equipment took place has expanded.

Last Friday, Michigan State Police seized a voting machine tabulator in Irving Township, Barry County Clerk Pamela Palmer told CNN.

The focus of the state probe was on whether anyone who should not have been allowed to access voting machine data was able to breach election protocols.

The investigation began in February after allegations from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office that a third party, who has not been named, accessed elections data and technology in Roscommon County.

Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll said the probe was expanding, but would not discuss specific jurisdictions.

CNN reported that what it called a “source familiar with the investigation” said a third location was also being scrutinized.

Stories related to voting makers and circumstances of voting device abnormalities have actually taken place throughout the nation following the 2020 governmental election.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, all voting machines utilized in 2020 were swapped out due to controversy over security and stability. Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias argued in 2021 that defective voting machines might have misread countless votes in a House election in upstate New York.

Sources: WLT, The Western Journal, Just The News, CNN

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