Colorado Says ‘F’ America and Signs Bill to Incentivize Illegal Aliens


The flamingly liberal Governor of Colorado stroked his pen over a law telling every conservative nationalist in America to flip off. We’re in a post-Constitutional New World Order of wide open borders. The next legal professional you run into might be illegal. The same goes for doctors and nurses trained in third world crap holes. The best news is there will soon be an abundance of child care workers from the jungles of Central America.

Colorado has professional illegals

The border jumping illegal aliens, who forget about the paperwork and fees to thumb their noses at immigrants who do it right, aren’t amateurs. In Colorado, at least, they’re professionals.

Bright blue Governor Jared Polis couldn’t wait to proclaim that illegal aliens can get any professional license they want. Forget about proving residency status, or disclosing your real background.

The new law “eliminates the requirement of legal status to obtain a license, certification or registration in fields like education, health, childcare and more.”

Terrorists from Iran and killers from Columbia can easily and painlessly apply for any state or local license, certificate, or registration required in the State of Colorado. The proponents of the scheme claim that the authority to do that comes from a federal law.

The Imperial Palace, they insist, gives states like Colorado the “authority to provide for eligibility for state and local public benefits to persons who are unlawfully residing in the United States.”

It is going to be real interesting to hear how their attorneys argue that a “professional license” is a “public benefit” when this nonsense gets challenged in court. Something that seems destined to go hand-in-hand with the first time it gets used.

Worker shortages

Hooray! Here comes the low cost unskilled labor everyone was waiting for. Illegal aliens in Colorado are doing jumping jacks in ecstasy. liberal activist Marissa Molina is thrilled about the decision.

“As our state continues to face worker shortages, particularly in education and health care, we have opened the door for a new generation of nurses, teachers, and other essential workers to fill labor gaps needed to support our continued health response and long-term economic recovery.”

One felonious foreigner, Duvia Ortega always “wanted to be a teacher. This has been my dream since I was a little girl.” Since she lives in Colorado, here’s her chance.

“It just makes me really happy and excited and thrilled to have my license — to be able to be able to do something in life.”

Nobody ever stops to remind folks like Duvia she could have had her license anywhere in America, anytime she wants, after she fills out the citizenship forms, pays the fees, and gets the background checks.

Just like everyone else did who immigrated legally since America was first settled. Colorado tells her she’s “special.” As long as they do that, they will be providing the incentive which brings illegals up to jump the border in the first place.

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